A Very Dreamville Birthday

Forest Hills Drive Tour, Act 3: Hollywood, Madison Square Garden – 8/4/15

I had the greatest birthday yesterday! I got to close it out at the Forest Hills Drive Tour concert with YG, Big Sean, and no other than, J. Cole. I’m such a big fan of those 3 and have a huge purchase history of their work in my iTunes. Jeremih was there too but, I missed him because I’m never on time for anything.  From beginning to end, I was screaming to the top of my lungs, singing along to almost every word, and dancing non-stop.

I came right in the middle of YG’s set. He performed a few songs from “My Krazy Life” and even performed his new single, “Twist My Fingaz.” YG even brought out a special guest and had A$AP Ferg perform his song, “Work.”

Then, came Big Sean who was EXPLOSIVE. He has this amazing, uncontrollable energy as a performer and really vibed with the crowd. His set was a mix of his hit-singles, memorable verses from features, and songs from his last album, “Dark Sky Paradise.” He was so passionate in this performance and shed a tear during his heartfelt song, “One Man Can Change The World,” dedicated to his late grandmother. He really moved me at that moment but it wasn’t long before I was twerkin’ something again!

And, finally was J. Cole. Selling out Madison Square Garden is considered to be a huge accomplishment and I couldn’t be more proud of him as a day 1 fan. He flawlessly performed the entire “2014 Forest Hills Drive” with a brief intermission of throwback Cole songs for the vet fans, like myself and my friends, and more of his hits after he performed  the album. It was a journey. I felt like I was watching a movie. The visual images he made with the stories in his songs were brighter than the LED lights on the stage. I could’ve stood there with my eyes closed and still visualized a movie. He made me want to laugh, cry, turn up, call my mom and tell her, I love her,” and run for president all in the same set. I was so emotionally into it, especially after revisiting the album last week and writing about it the post, “How J. Cole Cured My Post Grad Blues.” The whole thing was better than therapy

It was so hard trying to capture it on camera because:

1. I have an iPhone 5
2. I was too busy dancing and yelling
3. We were in section 119, no complaints at all though.

I attend concerts a lot, so this is just one of many that will be shown here. You can see other clips of last night’s show on my Instagram.

What’d you think? Were you there too? Don’t be shy, say something in a comment below!

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