Pass Me The Aux Cord II

What’s playing the week of 8/2/215 to 8/8/15?

Mixtape cover artwork for Chief Keef's 'Bang 3' (Courtesy of Audiomack) Superheroes – Chief Keef featuring A$AP Rocky

I’m definitely not one of those bitches who love Sosa, but sometimes I might come across a Chief Keef track or two I like and “Superheroes” is one of them. Chief Keef released his latest album “Bang 3” this week, but a snippet of this track leaked around this time last year. Finally making an official appearance on “Bang 3,” “Superheroes” makes it clear that Chief Keef is Chicago’s very own hero of Drill music. The track features a dope verse from A$AP Rocky over a Slam produced beat referencing your favorite superheros and supervillians in punchlines. Hearing this track makes me wanna throw on a cape and save the hood myself.

Notable Quotables: “I’m Spiderman, my uncle got killed off white man/Come through your block, Star Wars with the shots/Daredevil with a cane cause I’m shootin like I’m blind/Smokin Liu Kang kush, Sub-Zero, the whole nine/Now I’m feelin like I’m Walkin Dead bitch, Sosa Rick Grimes”

(Rocky) “Everything is purple, yes I am the Joker then/Life’s a game of poker, tell that nigga, “show your hand”/I’m pullin cards, I think it’s time you niggas fold again”

(Rocky) “You Captain Save-A-Hoe, nigga I’m the pussy villain/Spiderman, Peter Parker, I’m like Peter Pan/Treat my ops like Cyclops if I see the man/Wolverine in skinny jeans/Diamonds Billy Jean/They tap dance/The Batman is a black man”

Money, Power, Respect -Young Dolph

Dolph is one of my favorite newcomers surfacing onto mainstream from the local Atlanta trap scene. Introduced to me by no other than the Trap God, Gucci Mane, Young Dolph caught my attention, especially with his mixtape, “High Class Street Music 4,” and standout single, “Preach,” back in 2014. “16 Zips” was the latest project by the Memphis native. He not only holds my respect and attention but also with long time rap veterans such as Jadakiss, T.I., and Slim Thug who made guest appearances on this tape. Dolph’s work with hitmakers Zaytoven and Drumma Boy creates hard hitting trap club-banger greatness. But ,what makes Young Dolph stand out to me the most, aside from his great beat selection, is his confident delivery. In this track, Dolph notes he’s “on top of the world” an gets so into his flow, he cuts the beat and raps acapella.

Notable Quotables: “The hottest nigga in the game and I’m the CEO/These lame ass niggas remind me of CB4/I fuck with ya but don’t trust ya/Diamonds dancin like Usher/My niggas straight out the gutter/Artillery came from Russia”

Jupiter -Tink

Tink has been one of my favorite new artists to watch since she dropped “Winter’s Diary 2” in early 2014. I love that she’s so versatile! She says singing is her passion but switches it up drastically and can rap with the best of them. She caught major worldwide attention once the original version of Rick Ross’ “Movin Bass” debuted. Tink dropped the follow up mixtape “Winter’s Diary 3” last week and it’s been in rotation in my car ever since. Her “Winter’s Diary” series is known to focus mainly on R&B but I was a still a little disappointed because I was hoping she would give us more hip-hop tracks on this tape. “Jupiter” was one of my favorite joints to listen to and it’s the complete opposite of what I usually play in my car. It felt perfect when I was cruising along the Westside Highway late at night when I heard it. She gives super futuristic, baby-making music R&B vibes on this song and makes making love seem out of this world. Even though I’m a heavy hip-hop head, the occasional love song comes across my ears every once in a while.

Notable Quotables: “Take me to the moon/Do me till it’s noon/This is freakier than Prince/Feel it in my legs, in my chest, in my neck/What a mess we made” 

“We ain’t coming down/So high up we in the clouds/Smoking on tree, while you stroking on me”

If I hand you the aux cord, what are you playing? Leave a comment below!

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