Pass Me The Aux Cord III

What’s playing the week of 8/23/15 to 8/29/15?

I’ve been neglecting my site, but we’re back with the third installment of “Pass Me The Aux Cord.”

Trapavelli Tre – 2 Chainz (Mixtape)

2 Chainz dropped some serious heat with the continuation of his Trapvelli series on August 13th. I can always count on 2 Chainz for songs with energy, charisma, and some interesting quotable lyrics, which is perfect car music for me. This project has a roster of star guest appearances and big name producers, such as Zaytoven, Nard & B, and Honorable C-Note. There’s not a single track I can say I dislike on this mixtape, I thought it was so fire that I decided to feature the whole tape!

Favorite Tracks: BFF, El Chapo Jr., Lapdance In The Traphouse, Each Erry One Of Em

The Plug – Curren$y

Earlier this month, Curren$y surprised his fans with a 7 track mixtape out of the blue called, “Cathedral.” On “Cathedral,” Spitta gives a double-dosage of New Orleans by having the entire tape produced by fellow N.O. native, Chase N Cashe. Although I’m not the biggest Spitta fan, I decided to give the mixtape a listen. I’m not a fan of Curren$y’s flow but he usually has some great production and beats that are smooth for a late night summer drive. “The Plug”  was a track that stuck out to me the most. This track gives a sense of how “the rap game reminds me of the crack game” and uses analogies that compares selling drugs to recording rap music. This theme is timeless in hip-hop and was also mentioned in classic records, like Jay-Z’s “Rap Game/Crack Game,” Nas’ “Represent,” and Kanye West’s “Crack Music.” The list of songs that reference the two goes on forever and I happened to Spitta’s take on it too. Is Curren$y my go-to plug for audio crack? No, but the chorus is what essentially got me hooked for now.

Notable Quotables: “In that Porsche looking like I play sports/In that Lamb bitches saying that I’m the man/In that Bentley looking like heaven sent me/Ferrari horses building castles in the sand/I do it for my city cause I love them/I stunted on you bitch before I fucked her/Looking for the plug, you ain’t know I was one/I’m the coldest motherfucker rap hustling”

Hotline Bling – Drake

This track definitely took a lot of time to grow on me. A few readers asked me why I chose not to feature “Hotline Bling” in my previous “Pass Me The Aux Cord” posts. The truth is, I just wasn’t feeling it until recently. I’d rather listen to Drake rap instead of sing, personally. The beat and the melody make it so so catchy, it’s hard to resist. Not to mention, Drake’s classic reoccurring theme of “exes turning into hoes” makes it super easy to relate and sing along to.

Notable Quotables: “Ever since I left the city you got a reputation for yourself now/Everybody knows and I feel left out/Girl you got me down, you got me stressed out”

“These days, all I do is wonder if you bendin over backwards for someone else/Wonder if you rolling up a backwoods for someone else/Doing things I taught you gettin nasty for someone else/You don’t need no one else/You don’t need nobody else”

If I hand you the aux cord, what are you playing? Leave a comment below!

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