TREND TALK: 5 Fall Fashion Trends To Look Forward To!

BURR! Here in New York, we got our first taste of fall weather at the very first weekend of the season. With chilly fall weather, comes dope fall fashion, which includes an assortment of jackets, boots, and cozy sweaters. If you’re a tomboy like me, then you look forward to pulling out your oversized hoodies and Timberland boots. Despite my tomboy tendencies, I, too, share a passion for fashion. For all my other fashionistas who share a common love for staying up on the latest trends, here’s a list of things I’m loving the most about this season in fashion!

1.White Out

There’s a timeless fashion rule that says, “Never wear white after Labor Day.” I’ve never been one for following rules and I absolutely love the rebellious winter white trend!  White looks awesome with black pieces to get that great monochrome look for your outfit. It’s also great with dark blue denim jeans. I also happen to think it looks great on my skin tone and it can compliment all my other brown skin sisters out there!

2. Chunky Knits

Knits are a fall fashion essential! You can stay fly and stay warm with a cute knitted sweater. It’s the perfect topping for a great set of layers and can also make you feel like grandma made it with love in every stitch. The chunky knit can give your fit a little bit of UMPH paired with pants, a skirt or leggings.

My friend Ava and I both love our chunky knits especially! On the left, we have yours truly, me! On the right, is my fashion forward friend, Ava. We both stuck to various trends with these outfits. Coincidentally, we both combined white with the chunky knit trend. Ava also added a little bit of Boho fun to her look with her saddle bag! You can follow her on Instagram: @puppy_dogeyes

Take a detailed look of our fits below:

Left picture (from top to bottom): 47 Brand Yankee cap, H&M knit sweater, H&M jersey knit, H&M blouse, Seven For All Mankind Jeans skinny jeans, Nike Air Max 1 sneakers

Right picture (from top to bottom): Forever 21 waffle knit sweater, Forever 21 leotard, Forever 21 jeans (ripped herself), Thrifted vintage saddle bag, Converse Chuck Taylor High Top sneakers

3. Layerzzz

This trend is a personal favorite of mine. I always look forward to layering my look, it’s a good way to turn an average top from drab to fab by adding other interesting layers to compliment your outfit. Plaid is my favorite thing to layer with and is also still trendy this season.

4. The Return of Boho Chic!

Flare legs, fringe, and funky patterns, OH MY! The Boho Chic look is back and could be something fun to add to your wardrobe. There’s so many great things that come with this trend. The retro style patterns can make a bold statement without trying too hard. Fringe boots or a fringe jacket can also be a great statement piece for you this fall. We can also look forward to flare legged pants that are making a comeback this season! Flared pants can work for both curvy and tall, slim women by extenuating your curves and flattering long legs.  Suede pants and skirts can also add texture to your look if you like to mix and match.

5.Ear Candy

I’m so excited to try this trend out. I was too scared to get multiple piercings in my ears but I always admired other people who had their ears totally blinged out, I think it’s super cute! Now with the new trend in ear cuffs, I can get the blinged out look without suffering through the pain of getting pierced. This ear cuff by Elizabeth and James is on my wishlist and is only $65 NMF16_Y2TA7

Elizabeth and James
Ollie Collection Riley Ear Cuff (Left) – $65.00
What’s your favorite fall trend? Leave a comment below and share!

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