Just Kickin It

Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park

I’ve been working very hard at my new job and my supervisor was nice enough to give me the weekend off. I seized the opportunity to enjoy my Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum. As a frequent wearer and admirer of sneakers, but not a sneakerhead, I really wanted to check out The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. The exhibit opened in July but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to see for myself. Well luckily for me, my weekend off was the last weekend of the exhibit. I decided to go with one of my friends, D, who recently just moved up to New York. We originally met while I was away at school. It’s been a while since we had a chance to hang out so I thought it’d be a great opportunity for me to show him around.

The Rise of Sneaker Culture showed the evolution of sneakers from its beginnings to its current role as status symbol, urban icon, and billion dollar industry.

The exhibit introduced innovative sneaker designs and iconic sneakers from various athletes and high-end designers. Of course, Air Jordan’s were a big focal point in the exhibit, which is only right since they were the first sneaker to be set at such a high price point, which helped to launch the social status of sneakers.

It also featured interactive videos with clips from documentaries, including one of my favorites, “Just for Kicks,” available on Netflix.

It was great to see other people show such a love for sneakers. I met a few new friends and we shared our personal opinions on the exhibit. I enjoyed getting more in depth with the history, technology, and the creative minds behind how sneakers became a cultural movement. The exhibit let visitors share their own sneaker stories on paper, it was so cute.

D and I showed ours too, his was so much better looking than mine!

One of my favorite parts was the Women and Sneaker Culture display, because we can all agree girls are awesome at everything! I was surprised to see Isabel Marant wasn’t featured in the exhibit. She changed the game with her designer sneaker wedges for women.

I also viewed amazing sneaker collaborations from designers and celebrities. Feel free to take a look at a few pictures I snapped below from the display case timeline of other exclusive kicks.


I tried to take more pictures this time but I was too busy going, “OOH, AAAH” and trying to absorb all the information I could. Overall, we had a great time. If you want, you can catch up with D on Instagram also: @OGAVLIMTHEGREAT

Did you get a chance to visit or is something like this on your wish list for things to do? Let me know in comment, I love to read them!

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