*Introducing: #HERfitgrid: A way for me, and hopefully you, to show off your outfits on this site!

I’m a big fan of the #Outfitgrid page on Instagram! It all started when the creator, Dennis Todisco, liked one of my pictures on Instagram. I love his style and his taste in sneakers. He’s also a big mover and shaker in social media and marketing. When I followed him 3 years ago, he was the Social Media and Marketing Director for Diamond Supply Co. Since then, he’s worked with Nike, created the popular #Outfitgrid style page, and is currently working for Twitter. (Follow Dennis Todisco and the #Outfitgrid movement on Twitter and Instagram: @outfitgrid / @dennistodisco ) 

#Outfitgrid brings the digital community together to showcase style, while featuring and working with top designers/brands and now has over 500,000 followers. #Outfitgrid is geared towards men’s style and I’ve only seen guys post on the page. I wanted to tweak it a little for women with style who want to be included and share too! Hopefully my readers will want to participate as well, but for now I’ll start off the first #HERfitgrid post from an outfit I was supposed to post on Monday…

October 12, 2015


This #HERfitgrid is by Manito.

T by Alexander Wang Tee
Zara Boyfriend Jeans
Nike OG Infared Air Max 90 Sneakers
Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6 Wristlist

Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment.
*To submit your outfit, e-mail your #HERfitgrid picture and description to

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