PLAYLIST: “M-M-M-M-Momdukes Music”

Thanks to the feedback I got from sharing my first playlist on my blog, I decided to share another interesting playlist entitled, “M-M-M-M-Momdukes Music.”

This playlist was created on behalf of my mother, who isn’t a big fan of the latest music I typically play in my car. Therefore, I decided to make a playlist just for her! I got my hip-hop loving roots from my parents and my mommy absolutely LOVES R&B and old school rap jams. I put a lot of classic Bad Boy records from back in the day and a few tracks from artists my mom and I love equally. There’s a lot of songs on here she played that influenced my taste growing up. She loved the playlist! It reminded her to download some of these songs to her phone. My Uncle June even gave me props and turned up the volume when he got in the car with us one day! This one’s for you mom, take a look at what we like to listen to, available on Spotify!

What do you think? Would your mom approve? What’s a song you and your mom like to play? Comment below!

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