TREND TALK: 6 Street-Savvy Trends For Spring

Been gone for a minute, now I’m back with some Trend Talk! If you hate the winter as much as I do and are looking for another excuse to shop, you should be happy to know spring is approaching!


I’m so ready to trade my winter gear in for bright colors and outfits that show some skin! Can you tell how excited I am with all the exclamation points I’m using?! Can’t wait to share my favorite trends for the season with you, but as always with a tomboy flare.

1. The Cold Shoulder

This trend screams, “LEMME SEE YA SHOULDERS WORK!” The Cold Shoulder is definitely my favorite for the season. It’s a great way to show some skin without trying too hard. It’s also not a typical trend you see repeatedly. Completely bare shoulder tops are also a strong trend to follow up on.

2. Stripez

Stripes are a classic favorite for me. They can easily be a subtle detail or be bold , colorful, and fun! I love to mix my patterns and textures, and stripes are my usual go-to. Stripes also give an illusion to your curves that seriously exaggerates them. If you’re a slim goodie like myself, consider bold vertical stripes…you’ll thank me later.

3. Matte Lips

While typically I don’t wear makeup, I like to use a lip color with certain looks to make them pop. Choosing a lip color is similar to choosing another accessory for your outfit. Vivid matte lips should be considered as your spring look accessory! Matte lips tend to be more pigmented and rich and spring is all about colors, right? So matte it up and make it vibrant!

One of my favorites is MAC’s “Ruby Woo.” It looks great on EVERYBODY. Everyone I’ve seen with that shade, pulls it off. The great thing about certain shades of red is they make your teeth seem whiter.


For my beauty enthusiasts on a budget, I love NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. It can be found in your favorite beauty suppy or drugstore for only $6. It’s very easy to wear, creamy with a luxe feel, doesn’t run or transfer, and lasts for a long time. It feels silky on your lips too. Your kisses will look super rich with color while still being completely affordable. I keep my look very subtle with these shades, “Prague,” “London,” “Copenhagen,” and “Cannes.” (Shown from left to right and top to bottom.) My favorite out of the 4 is “Cannes.”

4. All Denim Everything

When I say all denim everything, I mean ALL! DENIM! EVERYTHING! Not just denim jeans and denim button ups either, I’m talking denim blouses, jackets, dresses, skirts, shoes, purses, you name it!

I noticed designers incorporating denim into their collections this spring for shoes. These Jimmy Choo espadrille sneakers, $425, and Saint Laurent pumps, $638, caught my attention. They’re high in price point, but can be a nice splurge if you save accordingly. These can both be a very practical purchase because they can go with almost everything and will transition for years to come. I doubt denim will ever go out of style. Nevertheless, for me, my eyes are DEFINITELY bigger than my wallet when it comes to these shoes. At least, for now.


Denim is comfortable to be in and can be very versatile, so play around with this trend by using different pieces. I’m ready to get playful in a pair of jean overalls.  My best advice for wearing all denim everything is mixing different washes of denim, unless they’re part of a matching set. When wearing washes that look identical, it wipes your look out. You should want your look to stand out, and not fade in.

5. Bomber Jackets

Easily one of the biggest trends, bomber jackets are a classic hood jewel that is the hottest item in fashion at the moment. I buy mine a size up because I like the baggy, boyish look.

6. Sleek and Chic Skater Sneaks

Keep it cool and casual by adding skater sneakers to your wardrobe this spring. Made even more famous by the kids behind the viral sensation, “Damn Daniel” video,  skater sneakers are a must have this season. Skater sneaks have a clean look to them that make them easy to pair with a lot of things. I absolutely LOVE to wear skater sneakers with dresses and skirts. They come in all shapes and styles to choose from depending on your preference. Whether they’re slip-on or lace ups, Vans or Balenciagas, or low top or high top, the skater sneakers will kick off the perfect out fit. (See what I did there?)

You can share your thoughts or your personal favorite trends this season in a comment below. You can also keep up with what I’m wearing this spring on my Instagram: @ManiCashHoes.


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