Pass Me The Aux Cord IV

Back like it never left, because it never really did I was just preoccupied, “Pass Me the Aux Cord” is back! Readers and subscribers reached out to me and told me this was one of their favorite features and they missed it so, let’s do this again!

What’s playing the week of 3/27/16 – 04/02/16?



All the Way Up – Fat Joe & Remy Ma featuring French Montana

Fat Joe and Remy Ma are set to release their joint album, “Platos O Plomo,” later this year and released the first single, “All the Way Up,”featuring French Montana. These 3 artists all hail from The Bronx and really took it to New York with a signature east coast “boom, bap” beat. The beat itself single-handedly won me over. When I heard this track for the first time, I woke up to it on my alarm clock radio. Usually I’m the furthest thing from a morning person, but suddenly I was motivated to wake my ass all the way up and get ready for work. The beat and the motivational hook made this song an instant purchase for my iTunes. I personally love hearing Remy back on the radio too, and her reunited with Fat Joe makes it extra special. Don’t think Remy Ma is going anywhere soon either, she’s around.

Notable Quotables: (Fat Joe) “Shorty uptown showin off her new things/Couldn’t take it off so I gave her un chin (chain)/She call me top shotta, yeah I keep a few tings/ Champion sound, yeah I got a few rings”

Digits – Young Thug

FINALLY, Thugga put out his long anticipated mixtape, “Slime Season 3,” on March 25th after much delay and a dramatic funeral-themed announcement. SS3 is the Young Thug I know and love with so many different, enticing flows, very little features, bass booming beats, and lyrics that are fun to rap along to, or sing…or whatever he does.  It’s so hard to pick which one of these songs I like the most off of this 8 track project. I chose “Digits” because of the optimistic, living life to the fullest theme behind it. What’s not to love about an inspiring trap song?  This song is also produced by London On Da Track, who brings out the best in Young Thug time after time again. Digits not only inspired me to run up a check and go out and get what life has for me, but made me run it back a few times.

Notable Quotables: “Nigga, hustlers don’t stop, they keep going/ You can lose your life but it’s gon keep going/ Why not risk your life when it’s gon keep going?/When you die somebody else was born, but at least we got to say/ We ran up them digits we ran up that money (x6)”


Still Kobe – Jae Tips

Upcoming artist, Bronx native, and your friendly neighborhood sneaker plug, Jae Tips, dropped his mixtape, “Hypebeast 2,” earlier this month. Jae Tips stood out to me at a showcase I attended at Lit Lounge in Brooklyn  about 2 years ago.  I was impressed with his stage presence and delivery the most. Since that show, I followed up on his music through Twitter, @JaeTips, and was anticipating the release of Hypebeast 2. In his previous mixtape, “Hypebeast,” I enjoyed listening to his songs that told stories and incorporated his love for streetwear fashion. I was excited to see Hypebeast 2 would be the follow up along with a release concert for it at Santos Party House earlier this month. While I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to attend the show, I gave the tape a listen on my own with “Still Kobe” as my favorite track. I love how Jae Tips embodies Kobe Bryant’s confident and winning attitude on this song the most and combined it with clever punchlines and an aggressive flow. Get to know more about Jae Tips on SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Tidal.

Notable Quotables: “I just left the bar with 7 bitches, now I’m raising it/You niggas cornbread, I’m stacking chips like I’m Lays-in it”

“Like I got a curfew when I’m flowing, I be going in/Bitch I been that wave, you can float, hope you know to swim”

“I swing the hammer like I’m Thor but I’m still Loki (lowkey)”


If I pass you the aux cord, what are you playing? This week I highlighted songs with hard-hittings beats that motivate me on my drives to work. If you have a song that motivates you or want to share what you consider hot and new, put it in a comment below.




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