Pass Me The Aux Cord V

What’s playing the week of 04/03/16 – 04/09/16? 

On the Way – TWENTY88

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean recently formed a new duo entitled “TWENTY88,” and dropped a self-titled EP last Friday. At first I was a little skeptical about this project. Although Big Sean and Jhene have had various collabs together, such as “Beware,” “Stay Down,” and “I Know,” I wasn’t sure if they could hold my attention on an entire album. I am SO happy to say they proved me wrong and I was genuinely impressed.  This EP centers around the dynamics of a relationship; the highs and lows, the fire and desire, and the hottest love and the coldest ending. This is perfect considering it’s from the perspective of both a woman and a man. “Twenty88” has essentially become a relief from the street music I play in the car. It feels good to hear songs about wanting to make love as opposed to hearing songs about fucking bitches. The chemistry between these 2 on a song is undeniable. Jhene’s melodic harmonies and ad-libs combined with Big Sean’s clever, witty lyrics and engaging flows blend well together on a track. I’ve been running through this project constantly over the last week. My favorite song to play has been “On the Way.” With this song, they capture the excitement and anticipation of being on your way to seeing the person you love. Spending time in the car while playing this made me recall on the days I used to spend racing on the highway to be with a special someone. This song might bring out the feeling of wanting to see BAE in you. Since I don’t have a bae of my own at the moment, I’ll be spending my time on I-95 racing towards a check.

Notable Quotables: (Big Sean) “I’m gon’ taste ya/  Yeah I make the reservation then I give you D/ “D” for dedication/ Got that bomb pussy it just detonated/ I’m your designated/ Sex drive you to the destination/Lingerie my favorite decoration/I need Hennessy for that preparation”

Trap Vibes – Meek Mill

Ironically, Meek Mill debuted this freestyle around the same time Drake gained attention from a few tracks that were circulated a couple days ago. He was granted approval from the judge to record and release music while on house arrest and wasted no time with “Trap Vibes.” On this track, Meek remixes both Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” and Desiigner’s “Panda” on one song. He still seems to be keeping the static between him and Drake alive and relevant by rapping over the Summer Sixteen beat all while referencing “Diamonds Dancing” more than once. I like how he rode the beat on both songs and I’d personally rather hear anyone on that Panda beat instead of upcoming rapper, Desiigner. No shade though.

Notable Quotables: “Diamonds dancing like Mike Jackson/ Shit shining like Mike’s jacket/ Moonwalking in a Rolls Royce/ Through the rearview, see my life backwards”

“Diamonds on me and they dancing/ I don’t really understand rappers/ Niggas jumping on bandwagons/ All these bands got my pants sagging”

I’m rocking with 2 songs this week for you guys instead of my usual 3.  I guess it’s been a slow week for new music considering I was not feeling any of Drake’s new songs and I’ve had that TWENTY88 EP on repeat. If I pass you the aux cord, what are you playing? Feel free to let me know in a comment.


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