Pass Me The Aux Cord VI

What’s playing the week of 04/17/16 to 04/23/16?


Yammy Gang – A$AP Ferg featuring A$AP Mob & Tatianna Paulino

A$AP Ferg’s highly anticipated album, “Always Strive and Prosper,” debuted this Friday, April 22nd and I decided to give it a spin. While I’m typically not a big fan of Ferg’s sound and lyrical skills, I absolutely loved his single, “New Level,” that dropped in the very beginning of the new year. “New Level” came at a perfect time as an encouraging, confidence boosting anthem to reinvent myself and challenge myself for the new year.  The feature from Future was dope and I loved the triumphant beat provided by Honorable C-Note. I thought it was a great song and looked forward to hopefully hearing more of this Ferg on his album. Luckily, I was right! Always Strive and Prosper had a positive theme which Ferg stayed true to throughout the course of the album. The structure and sequence was great, and also had star-studded features with Rick Ross, Missy Elliot, Chris Brown, and even Chuck D. Tracks on this album centered around a go-getter mentality, inspiring change, and overall becoming a better person. Ferg even opened up on tracks about family and relationships. I wasn’t a fan of certain songs, like “The World Is Mine” and “Strive,” but I still respected his perspective this time around on this album and can really appreciate a rap album with an optimistic point of view. Of course, there were songs I consider great car music with “Yammy Gang” as my favorite to bump in the whip. A$AP Mob still rides for their day one niggas and payed tribute to late founder A$AP Yams by proclaiming their loyalty to one another proudly. “Yammy Gang” reminded me of the relationship with my friends. I’m certain that “all of my niggas gon’ ride” and can’t wait to play this with them in the whip!

Notable Quotables: (A$AP Rocky) “Me and Pop fuck the same hoes/Beat the pussy like the Wayans Bros/BANG BANG BANG BANG like Chiefy Sosa/Flocka with the fuego”

Henny Straight – Francis Pow

I’ve known my boy Francis for a couple years, and since I’ve known him, he’s always been able to spit. Recently, he’s decided to take his talents and share them with the NYC area. Here in NY, you might catch him performing this at your favorite strip club or getting love from a local DJ or 2. When I heard his track “Henny Straight,” the first thing that came to mind my mind were a million fire flame emojis. Henny Straight is straight FIRE! The beat and delivery are full of energy  and easily make you want to nod along and vibe with it. This track is perfect for summer nights mobbing with your team or making moves on the interstate. I featured it on my Snapchat earlier this week and it had everyone buzzing trying to find out who Francis Pow was. Get better acquainted with Francis Pow and his latest drops on SoundCloud and social media!

Instagram/Twitter: @_Francis Pow
Snapchat: FrancisPow

DON’T HURT YOURSELF – Beyonce featuring Jack White

I anxiously tuned into the world premiere of Beyonce’s “Lemonade’ on HBO on April 23rd. Backing the album with a visual made it an even more enjoyable experience. From watching, I interpreted “Lemonade” as the story of a woman that has been betrayed by her lover and the emotional roller coaster and personal journey that follows it. The sequence of the album painted a picture of heartbreak and recollection that I’ve seen first hand. Lemonade was a project someone like me could relate to considering I’ve been in those shoes before and I’m sure other women have been as well. I think that’s exactly what Beyonce was aiming for, a story that women can connect with. One of my favorites on the album is “DON’T HURT YOURSELF” and is also my favorite to play in the car. This song isn’t your typical pop/R&B Beyonce track, “DON’T HURT YOURSELF” features Led Zeppelin’s Jack White with an electrifying guitar on the hook and a rock flare. I love when Beyonce shows how versatile she is. Queen Bey slays over a rock influenced song, belting out soulful notes along with lyrics that scream she is THAT bitch and not a force to be reckoned with. This song solidifies my “bad bitch” mentality and is a forewarning to the next guy that TRIES to play me or hurt me. “When you hurt me, you hurt yourself, don’t hurt yourself.” Same rules apply for if you try to play me and DJ Khaled said it best, don’t you EVER play yourself. Salute to Beyonce for this track, we needed this. We gotta let these fellas know to put some “respeck” on our name.

Notable Quoteables: “Who the fuck do you think I is?/You ain’t married to no average bitch boy/You can watch my fat ass twist boy/As I bounce to the next dick boy”

“Bad motherfucker, God complex/Motivate your ass call me Malcolm X/Yo operator or innovator/Fuck you hater, you can’t recreate her no/You’ll never recreate her no”

“When you love me, you love yourself/Love God herself”

(Usually, I would have a preview of a the track here, but this a Tidal exclusive for the time being. Make sure you check out “DON’T HURT YOURSELF” and Beyonce’s new album “Lemonade” on Tidal NOW!)

If I pass you the aux cord, what are you playing? Feel free put it in a comment below. This week, music lost the artist ETERNALLY known as Prince. RIP to music legend Prince Rogers Nelson. 


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