Pass Me The Aux Cord VII

What’s playing the week of 05/01/16 to 05/07/16?


U Wit Me? – Drake

Drake’s long awaited “Views from the 6” made its debut exclusive to Apple Music on April 29th. Drizzy had the music world at their feet with the release of “Views” and also had my social media timelines in a frenzy. This album had so much anticipation building from myself and everyone else, along with my expectations. Considering Drake is a forerunner in today’s hip-hop and a leader of the new school, I wanted it to reflect well on an album. In the past, I haven’t been too big on Drake albums. First, I thought “Thank Me Later” was mediocre. I wasn’t moved, especially when I thought “So Far Gone” made such a big impression on hip-hop music. Then, I looked at “Take Care” as a super moody  collection of songs thrown together on an album, with some that I personally didn’t care for too much. But then came “Nothing Was the Same,” which I looked at as a sense of where Drake has been in his past with women and catching his big break leading up to where he is currently at the top of the rap game, similar to his formula on “Take Care” but I liked the songs better. I saw this as his best work and was hoping for “Views” to surpass it, I’m all about progressing. Instead, Views had the same formula as his last 2 albums which includes more songs he sings on as opposed to rapping. Of course, I was hoping to hear more rap songs, silly me right? Nevertheless, I liked what Views had to offer. What essentially won me over was the production from “40,” Boi-1-da, and more! Based on just how the beats sound alone seems like Drake and friends really took their time with this one and waiting 2 years hasn’t left me disappointed. I’m a sucker for a good soul sample and this album is full of them!

One of my favorite songs to play has been “U Wit Me,” which samples TWO of my FAVORITE DMX songs, “How Its Goin Down” and “What These Bitches Want.” This track was produced by Vinylz, who is known to get crazy on a sample beat. It also includes a switch-up into a beat from a song that leaked back in 2014 that I was looking forward to him finishing, mostly because it was about his rumored on and off again fling, Rihanna. Drake is known for continuously expressing his extensive history with women who never last in his lyrics  along with his poor decisions involving relationships and “U Wit Me?” fit the bill completely. On this song, he puts a prior relationship into perspective and tries to pinpoint where it went wrong. He also questions the motives and real intentions of this woman and asks her the ultimate question, “Is you wit me or what?” He subtly hints towards his relationships with both Serena Williams and Rihanna in this song as well. I liked Drake’s spin on this classic, I was really feeling it. Not too sure if DMX is, considering he can’t stand Drake. Hopefully we’ll get to hear more about this from X eventually.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to preview this song with “Views From the 6” being an Apple Music exclusive. Check out the original leaked track mentioned above here!

Notable Quotables:  “You tell me that I’m confusing/More immature than Marques Houston/Cuts too deep for a Band-Aid solution/We too deep in this thing to never lose me/LOLOL I’m glad you find this shit amusing”

“I know you heard that my girl is sponsored by Audemars/That’s why she’s always correcting me when my time is off”

100 Roses – YeahReQ (Mixtape)

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know ReQ over the last few years, and I have the bigger pleasure of sharing his music for you to get to know him more as well. YeahReQ, formerly known as ReQ Cartier” is one of NYC’s most hardworking underground artists showing off his talents in rapping, producing, and singing in his latest project, “100 Roses.” In this mixtape, he shows his multitude of talents while also showcasing his versatility as an artist. 100 Roses features stories through songs from the strip club, to problems with dealing with many women, to his personal journey and more. I couldn’t just limit ReQ to just one song, I had to feature the whole tape. Listen to “100 Roses,” available to stream and download on SoundCloud and DatPiff!

Favorite Tracks: Lemme Know and Testimony, My Story.

If I pass you the aux cord what are you playing? After many rotations of “Views,” still bumping Queen Bey’s “Lemonade,” and a disappointing revisit of trying to give Lil Uzi Vert’s music a chance, I’ve been pretty busy. Let me know any thoughts in a comment below.


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