Pass Me The Aux Cord VIII

What’s playing the week of 05/29/16 – 06/04/16? 


All The Way Up Remix – Meek Mill & Fabolous

“All The Way Up” has been one of the biggest songs since it first dropped earlier this year. The track has been such an epic smash that other artists took notice and decided to put their own flavor with a verse of their own recently. Who could resist a beat that fire? Jay-Z took this Bronx -filled track to Brooklyn by making an appearance on a remix exclusive to Tidal last week while other fellow New York native, Jadakiss, took a swing at the song on a freestyle of his own. But since Meek Mill and Fabolous dropped their remixed, I haven’t been able to stop playing it! Meek and Fab both had impressive deliveries and clever punchlines throughout the course of the song. I particularly loved the NBA references in the song in the spirit of the the Playoffs currently taking place. Meek of course used this opportunity to throw a few jabs at Drake and did not disappoint. With the temperatures already being hot in New York, this song had the streets scorching when I rolled through blasting it in my car! Check out this fire remix below.

Notable Quotables: (Meek Mill) “Only rapper went gold without a verse from Hov/Still got the rock (ROC) with me, cooking up at the stove”

“I’m in the 6, man, 6 man, Dion Waiters/And I’m on my level now, I’m so beyond haters”

“This is slaughter, new world order/I be going hard, Westbrook, 4th quarter/This is hip-hop, you ain’t write it, don’t record it/I don’t know how they getting down across the border”

“Views from the projects, and nigga I’m the prospect/Talking loud, say I’m shooting out with metal objects/And that chick standing right beside you, I done popped that/Made me beat a fan up, I’m feeling like I’m Artest”

(Fabolous) “Now listen, you gave up on me, I came up on you/Took my talents somewhere else, LeBron James up on you/I was Kyrie with the rock, the crack game number 2/ Now I’m older, still balling like my name Uncle Drew”


My PYT – Wale

Wale debuted his newest single from this upcoming album, “SHINE”, which features Sam Sneak entitled “My PYT.” One thing that makes me appreciate Wale is his ability to show his love for women in songs time after time. In this song, he samples classics, such as Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and  Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.” to expresses his devotion for his own pretty young thing. I found the track to be upbeat and fun, yet smooth at the same time. Playing this song in the car had me on full cruise control on the road. My PYT is definitely on my playlist for the summer, check it out below.

Notable Quotables: “I’m a rider and a ticket/ That’s comes with good planning and channeling your ambition/I know this fat nigga that properly seen the vision/He use to move keys, he Khaled a little different/Another one..Another one..Another one/When she put it down on me I put them numbers up” 


Anna Mae – Dave East

Damn Dave, back it again with another fire #EastMix? ABSOLUTELY! Dave East continuously proves himself as one of the hardest working upcoming rappers in the rap game right now with his #EastMix series of weekly remixes. Somehow between touring and experiencing life as a new father, he still finds time to get in the booth and spit heat. His latest #EastMix was over Amerie’s “Why Don’t We Fall In Love?” instrumental, with Dave East effortlessly floating over this smooth, light R&B beat delivering his quintessential raw bars.  In “Anne Mae,” East reminisces in raps about his hard times and briefly discusses his first account experience at the Irving Plaza shooting here in New York last week. I’m already anticipating more heat for the summer and can’t wait to see what the next #EastMix brings.

Notable Quotables:”Me without this guap is  like Jodeci, no Devante/Look, I’m Eddie Murphy in Boomerang, you Strangé/Lemondae niggas is sweet, shoutout to Yoncé”

“I make them want to know, no wonder they tryna slice my bread”

“Shouts to T.I., he wanted to bring me out/Niggas shot up Irving Plaza, we was speeding out/That’s that New York shit, nothing to think about/I’m right back to the lab, blowing the speakers out”


Why You Always Hatin? – YG featuring Drake & Kamaiyah

YG teams up with Drake once again with Kamaiyah on the hook for his latest single, “Why You Always Hatin?” On this authentic West Coast track, YG and Drake question haters doubting their success with their braggadocios bars. Another dope song from YG and Drake, as they have been on success collabs before in the past. Also, fans can look forward to hearing more from YG with his sophomore album, “Still Krazy,” releasing this upcoming June. Preview his newest track below.

Notable Quotables: (YG) “Friends and business don’t mix so I’m brotherless/Tryna get back close, hit ’em with the stiff/Gears I shift, make sure they feel the drift/Just copped the Benzo with the tint/You should know cause in every song I said this shit/Yeah, in every song I said this shit/I’m just proud of my accomplishments”

(Drake) “I’m a star like Moesha’s nigga/Running up the numbers like Ayesha’s nigga”

“But I got it all handled/They try to box me in, I got my own angles, yeah/I’ma spend the summer getting to the cake and I’ma wish a nigga would on every candle”

First Day Out The Feds – Gucci Mane

I couldn’t leave my nigga Gucci out! GUWOP IS HOME and went SKRAIGHT to the booth with this one! Gucci and Mike Will reunited over this bass thumping track just in time to start my summer.Literally on the first day after being out of the federal prison, Gucci explains his paranoia on this track.  Fans were so excited to have Gucci back, the song was streamed 1.1 million times in the first 24 hours of release. I’m sure Wop spent his time cooking up some crazy songs for us behind bars and can’t wait to hear the rest of them.

Notable Quotables: “On the chase to kill my enemies and beat my case/So when they ask me how I feel about’em I can’t say/You either with me, or against me, or you in my way”

This week, the weather had me in full gear preparing for summer with these tracks playing in the background. I haven’t been hsaring my usual 3 so i decided to put 5 songs on this list this week. I wonder  if anyone of these have potential to be on the soundtrack for my summer this year and what songs I can look forward to as a summer anthem? If I pass you the aux cord, what are you playing? Let me know in a comment below.


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