Too High To Riot Tour, Highline Ballroom

I’m still so in awe from my night spent with Bas and friends at the Too High To Riot Tour, I had to wait until about a week later to write about it.

Bas is one of my favorite artists on the Dreamville roster, which says a lot considering they have a whole squad full of hitters that can knock a dope song out the park. His debut album, “Last Winter,” really wowed me when I heard it back in 2014, I even featured one of his songs on one of my playlists here. I’m in love with the way he sets the mood on a track and combines it with his skillful rhymes, it’s a different type of vibe. Just when I thought Last Winter was something special, he came back with his sophomore album,”Too High to Riot,” in March this year and did it AGAIN! Too High to Riot has been one of my FAVORITE projects to listen to this year and is arguably one of the best hip-hop albums of the year so far. Seeing him on tour was a must and luckily for me one of my friends grabbed me a ticket in advance. The  show ended up being sold out, which was a great win for Bas on his home turf.

As usual, I was late for a few opening acts. Some things never change, ya know? Unfortunately, I missed The Hics and Ron Gilmore but I came just in time to see EarthGang. EarthGang is not under Dreamville and this was my very first time hearing and seeing this duo. I was very impressed with what I saw.They had a jazzy feel to them, almost like a new-age Outkast, and hail from Atlanta just like Andre and Big Boi. Throughout their set was a different mood for each song that kept my head nodding. Their energy was on a completely different level. Although I didn’t capture them on video, I really enjoyed them.

Next up at bat was my boy Cozz. He’s got some serious delivery and wordplay on his hands, I love listening to him. He performed some of my older favorites like “Dreams” and “I’m The Man.” He even brought out label-mate, Ari Lennonx,  for their song “Backseat” off of the Revenge of the Dreamers II mixtape, and also another one of my favs.

Moments later came Bas

This was my first time seeing him live so I was crazy excited. My friends and I were definitely FIENDin for real! We knew all the words and were just as hype to see Bassy as he was to be there in front of a sold out crowd. I know he felt our vibe, we were to his right and super close to him.

He did songs off “Too High to Riot” of course and even some from “Last Winter” and “Revenge of the Dreamers II.” At one moment, he had Omen join him on stage and also brought Cozz and The Hics back again.

Bas was just in the middle of performing his song  “Night Job,” when  J.Cole starts running from behind stage to do his verse! THE CROWD GOES WILD!!! I almost couldn’t believe it. It didn’t seem real. I’m still in shock. I’m surprised I didn’t lose my voice that night, or my phone didn’t die. It was a dream come true.

It didn’t stop there. Cole of course did a few songs of his, such as “No Role Modelz” and “A Tale of Two Cities.”

Bas and Cole also chose to do other songs they made together, new and old, like “Housewives” and “Lit.”


While J. Cole definitely did his thing on stage and was a great surprise, he ultimately turned the show back over to Bassy and he closed it out with his song “Black Owned Business.”

I was so proud of that moment. Having Bas with a sold out show in New York made him a hometown hero in my eyes. A lot of rap fans and critics often have a lot to say regarding what artists from NY “should” sound like or debate over what’s hot and what sells. In this instance, we have an organic artist, true to himself and his craft, no gimmicks or annoying dance hooks that manages to sell out shows. Looks like New York is doing well over here if you ask me.

The sky is the limit for my boy Bassy Bad Ass, I see more successful shows like this in the future since he most certainly hit a home run with this one!

If you want live updates on my Out and Abouts, check me out on Snapchat and Instagram, username: ManiCashHoes.  Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below!


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