Manito Meets MakeupXMimosas

MakeupXMimosas, East Village

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending MakeupXMimosas, presented by the lovely BrianniT. This event was a hands on highlight and contouring tutorial led by YouTube sensation, AshleySophia. I usually stay true to my tomboy tendencies, but I saw the class as a great opportunity to finally cure my “makeup illiterate” ways.

Now on my regular day to day, I’m typically a barefaced Plain Jane who knows little to nothing about makeup. I can count the times I’ve worn a full face of makeup with one hand, which includes my senior prom, my scholarship pageant, my college graduation, and going out to Atlanta with my pageant sisters last year. So, when I tell you I had no experience prior to this class, I had NONE, OKAY?! I can barely line my lips correctly most days, and don’t even want to imagine the damage I can do to myself by attempting to use eyeliner. However, I like to keep an open mind and love to learn new things and why not try something different that makes me look FABULOUS at the same time?

#MakeupXMimosas was held at V Spot Organic, a cute little restaurant in East Village. The class was in the back. There were tables set up for the guests with the cutest LED desktop mirrors, provided by Halo Smile, for us to learn with. In the front of the room was a stool with a gorgeous live model for the teacher to demonstrate with.

MakeupXMimosas was not just a class honey, it was a brunch too! I had yummy chicken and waffle sliders, thanks to Mecca’s Kitchen. Of course, there were bottomless mimosas and while I don’t drink, my best friend, Ketsia, enjoyed them. I also appreciated the music selection with a playlist suited perfect for feeling yourself from Beyonce’s “Formation”, to songs from Rihanna, and more strictly for the ladies.

The room was filled with a spectrum of black girl magic! It was beautiful to see mainly women of color at this event. It was 50 Shades of Fab in that room! I got to know the lovely ladies at my table as well. I was relieved to know someone else at my table wasn’t knowledgeable either so, I felt comfortable.

We were given a list of things to bring for the class. Even though I didn’t own any of the items listed, I came prepared after a visit to my favorite MAC counter and my local ULTA beauty store. In my magic bag of tricks, I had:

  • MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC45
  • MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC45
  • CoverGirl Loose Setting Powder
  • NYX Dewey Finish Setting Spray
  • an EcoTools brush set

We were also gifted a cute bag of goodies for attending.

We actually ended up using the Magic Foundation brush, the Black Radiance Contour Palette, and the Gleam Body Radiance in the tutorial as well.

I didn’t use eye makeup for this look, mostly because I didn’t have any. I DO have a wide assortment of lip colors and wore my favorite fall lip color,”Cyber” by MAC, to the class. What I loved the most about this look is it accentuated my cheekbones! Talk about a MAJOR key!

I went into the class a rookie, but I came out like a pro! AshleySophia is a true teacher, she went at a great pace and explained the steps well enough for a novice like me to catch on easily. My best friend is super skilled in doing her own makeup and said she learned helpful tips that she will continue to use.

Here are Ketsia and I sneaking a selfie in the middle of class.

For someone who couldn’t tell the difference between foundation and concealer, my end result was flat out FIERCE! I came, I SLAYED, and I contoured!

We also enjoyed ourselves in the process…

Getting glam was a great way to spend my Sunday. I felt like I made strides in my womanhood that day. I walked out of MakeupXMimosas exuding so much confidence and radiance. I will definitely be in attendance for the next one. I loved my makeup so much I wore it all day!

If you want live updates on my Out and Abouts, check me out on Snapchat and Instagram, username: ManiCashHoes.  Maybe I’ll get dolled up one day and teach you guys.

Be sure to follow AshleySophia and subscribe to her YouTube channel to catch a beat of your very own!

Instagram: @_ashleysophia
Twitter: @AshleySophia_
Snapchat: theashleysophia

Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below!


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