PLAYLIST – “Thug Love”

In the midst of Cuffin Season, I decided to show my romantic side in my own way with a playlist I call “Thug Love.”

With this mix I focused on love-themed rap songs, but don’t expect to find any Drake on this one. Instead, I aimed for artists who typically use their lyrics for street talk as opposed to sweet talk. In other words, I wanted to have some fun with this playlist and used rappers that aren’t usually known for their softer, lovey-dovey side in their music. There’s definitely a lot of throwbacks on here, featuring songs that might’ve made it to mixtapes that were made for your crush back in walkman days. Keeping it NY, I put together tracks with Jadakiss, Jay-Z, vintage G-Unit, and even the Boss Don Biggavel, Max B. You’ll also find newer tracks from 2 Chainz and Young Thug that found a way to profess their love while keeping it trap. Of course, I had to close it out with Cam’ron who has an imaginable way with words, no matter what the topic. “Thug Love” had me thinking about my BAE all day, and it might do the same for you. Check it out listed below and on Spotify:


  1. Into You (feat. Tamia) – Fabolous
  2. Wanna Get To Know You – G-Unit
  3. How’s It Goin’ Down – DMX
  4. Put It On Me (Radio Remix) [feat. Vita & Lil Mo] – Ja Rule
  5. By My Side – Jadakiss
  6. Gotta Have It – Max B
  7. Hey, I – Young Thug
  8. Best Friend (feat. Olivia) – 50 Cent
  9. Part II (On the Run) – Jay-Z
  10. Lil Baby (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – 2 Chainz
  11. Weekend Girl – Cam’ron

Any songs that are on your mind this cuffin season? You can always share any suggestions in a comment below. 

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