Why I’m Still Living For The Internet’s “Ego Death” & Why You Should Too


Coming straight outta Cali, The Internet’s third studio album, “Ego Death,” blew in at the start of my summer 2015 just as easy and breezy as the free flowing, eclectic vibe in their music. With roughly a year and a half since the album’s debut, I can’t keep this band away from the Recently Played section in my music library. Even at the risk of being “uncool” or out of touch, I’m perfectly okay with still having this nearly 2 year old project in steady rotation. Basically, if continuously loving “Ego Death” is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Ego Death is a flavorful blend of urban contemporary music that is sure to satisfy your taste if you’re a music lover with a healthy appetite for multiple genres. This band mixes in elements of jazz and funk all while feeding my love for hip-hop soul. I find refuge in an album like this when I get bored of my typical, trendy, trap songs. Lead singer/songwriter, Syd tha Kid, also comforts me with her sweet, honey-coated vocal style using her lyrics as the sugar on top to put me right at home.

Syd tha Kid shows off her writing skills to pen songs perfectly that fit the album’s theme as well as paint pictures of situations and feelings that are similar to mine. On this album, I found songs filled with concepts of love lost, establishing a sense of purpose and fulfillment, letting go of your inhibitions, and much more.  The often relatable idea of having to let go of someone when it doesn’t work out pulled me in with songs like “Something’s Missing” and “Gabby” and I also found myself hypnotized by Syd’s voice combined with the band’s luring instrumentation. “Under Control” was a standout to me on this album and has since been my personal anthem that reinforces a winning attitude and a sense of faith. I look to this song to calm down life’s chaotic qualms with the jazzy percussion and energetic guitar in the background to help ease my mind.

If you’re looking for something to help ease the tensions and temporarily run from life’s pressures, there are plenty of other tracks that will also take you away. I allow myself to let loose on “Go With It” and aspire for the finer things in life with “Get Away.” Even on one of my favorites, “Special Affair,” I can escape with this simply sexy song. “Special Affair” sets a seductive scene with a deep, sultry bassline, and fills the air with sex appeal and heat thanks to Syd’s warm vocals. If you want to take your listening experience to an even higher level, turn on “Penthouse Cloud,” a track that poses one of life’s most biggest questions and asks if there is so much turmoil here on earth, is there hope for a heaven? While it seems hard to pick only one out of amazing songs like these, the track entitled, “Girl” might actually be my most favorite. It has seemed to have been favored by others, as it was featured in a cover on a episode of HBO’s show, “Insecure,” and remixed by Dom Kennedy on his “Best After Bobby 2” mixtape. “Girl” is a an ode of appreciation, almost like a candid love letter of admiration and celebration. I personally feel treasured with this track as if Syd’s soothing, airy voice is serenading me. With this and many more, I have been enchanted with the songs selection from”Ego Death” and the spellbinding talents of The Internet.

“Ego Death” has been my go-to for neo-soul for over a year now. It’s given me a mellow mood in the morning on the wake up and has provided something office friendly to play at work. (Especially since 2 Chainz isn’t exactly what my job deems “appropriate.”) With this album, I’ve been given words of encouragement, the art of seduction, a catalog of free-spirited fun and all in one . I’m certain it can do the same, if not more, for you as well with songs you can relate to and rock out with. If you haven’t done so already, check out these gems.

In addition, I’m happily looking forward to more music from The Internet with their individual projects expected to drop later this year. Syd’s newest single”All About Me” premiered on January 11th with her LP “Fin” arriving on February 3rd.

What’s your interpretation of “Ego Death?” Do you plan on lending your ear in the near future? As always, let me know in a comment and express yourself.


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