Big Sean’s New Assertive Attitude On “I Decided”


Big Sean is “back in BEAST MODE” with the recent release of his fourth album, “I Decided.”

These days, Big Sean has been unstoppable. His biggest album to date, “Dark Sky Paradise” released back in February 2015 and since then, has put him on the perfect platform. While Sean Don, has had vast success with hit singles and fire hot features, he hasn’t always hit his mark with albums but “Dark Sky Pardise” broke the mold. Big Sean’s “Dark Sky Paradise” was his first platinum album and his most genuine piece with dope songs focusing on ambition, overcoming obstacles, respect, and seeking a greater sense of purpose in life. With this album, he found his niche mainstream and his career reached new heights. I loved it so much I even named it the Best Hip-Hop Album of 2015 in a previous post.

After my sigh of relief with Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean hasn’t slowed up or disappointed. In the last year, he’s given fire freestyles and formed a sexy, super music duo with Jhene Aiko, named TWENTY88. They are truly a match made in music heaven showing their undeniable chemistry with well crafted hip-hop and R&B fused love songs on their EP, which released back in April 2016.

When Big Sean announced the release of his fourth album last year, I was anticipating an album that would mirror his new sense of direction in life and in music and “I Decided” has exceeded my already high expectations.

With Dark Sky Paradise’s songs surrounding a theme of going through the ups and downs of life, Sean picks up where he leaves off with ‘I Decided” being a testimony to what happens once you get through them. The name of the album “I Decided” sounds as if Sean is calling the shots in every aspect of life with this body of work, a title that demands for respect, as well as change.

His recent singles “No More Interviews,” “Bounce Back,” and “Moves” keep this focus. In “No More Interviews” Big Sean is adamant on addressing recent rumors and makes a declaration of not being here for the bullshit. While this didn’t make the album, it set the tone on what type of Big Sean we should be expecting from here on out.  His next single  and first one from the album ,”Bounce Back,” is a Metro Boomin banger that shows the idea of recouping from your losses packed with lyrics to make you get that dirt off your shoulders. With the single “Moves,” Big Sean reasserts himself as THAT man; the man with the plan, the band$, and the upper hand. You can’t tell Sean Don nothing with these songs.

On the other tracks from “I Decided,” you can hear the story of a man who has found clarity, a new sense of confidence, and inspiration throughout the album.  You can also hear his open affirmations of love he’s found in girlfriend Jhene Aiko, his mom, and with God.

In his song “Bigger Than Me” you can tell that his growing philanthropy has helped shape his new direction on “I Decided.” Over the years, Big Sean’s charity has been impacting the youth of Detroit, his hometown, and other areas of Michigan. He stands tall to make a difference in communities every day through his Sean Anderson Foundation and makes it his mission of be a man that stands for principles to inspire young people with his vision. Knowing that there are others that are in need, keeps him on the right path to go the extra mile and do better in his life.

I’m loving what I’m hearing in Big Sean’s new album. Sean’s early hunger and ambition in his music has kept me engaged since 2009 and I’m glad I can see it and hear it come to life with his recent work. “I Decided” is packed with tracks that will bring out the best side of you and the positive attributes in life. A collection of songs that center around a positive mind is something we can all take in and listen to, especially with all the great production behind it. One can be sure to listen to “I Decided” to maintain a sound mind and even that new year’s resolutions you might have steered away from already. I know I plan on picking up “I Decided”to help dominate myself over whatever doubts come my way.

Did you hear the new album? Any thoughts? Bounce back with a comment below!


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