I Miss The Old Lil Wayne (a poem)

Inspired by the poem, “I Love Kanye” found on Kanye West’s album, “The Life of Pablo,” I made my own special dedication to Lil Wayne in his prime with a collection of songs and pictures.

*To the tune of Kanye West’s “I Love Kanye” 

I miss the old Lil Wayne..

Gang bang, SUUWOO Lil Wayne..I’m Blood, Piru Lil Wayne..

..Saints, Black & Gold Lil Wayne..

I hate this new Lil Wayne, storm out interviews Lil Wayne..You don’t watch the news Lil Wayne? You forgot your roots Lil Wayne?..

I miss “I’m A Beast” Lil Wayne, kill any beat Lil Wayne..

I gotta say around this time I’d like to meet Lil Wayne..

See I loved mixtape Lil Wayne..Carter III, 08 Lil Wayne..

Now I look around and there’s so many new songs I hate by Lil Wayne..


I used to love Lil Wayne, I used to LOVE Lil Wayne..

Even had that bandana hanging, swanging, I thought I was Lil Wayne..

What if Lil Wayne made a song, about Lil Wayne..called “I Miss Da Drought Lil Wayne?” Yo that’d be dope Lil Wayne..

It’s not the same Lil Wayne but I still have hope Lil Wayne..

And deep down I love you like I love the old Lil Wayne

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