A Salute to No Limit Soldier, Master P

Thanks to Solange’s album “A Seat at the Table” I have been introduced to a side of rap mogul, Master P, I haven’t seen before. Through the interludes on the album, he shares parts of his personal story and words of wisdom regarding his stance on black culture. And when it comes down to black culture, who better to speak on it then the founder of one of the biggest rap empire’s in the entertainment industry? Master P is “bout it, bout” with black excellence across the board from music to sports and just about everything in between.


Master P, real name Percy Miller, started out as a young entrepreneur wisely investing inheritance money into his own record store, “No Limit Records & Tapes” at 21 out in Oakland, California. His love for gangsta rap music and self-starter spirit, encouraged him to begin his rap career and sell albums in 1991, under his own label, “No Limit Records.” Miller successfully leveraged his way to the top selling his music out of his car, networking with promoters and DJs, and touring as an opening act for Tupac and Too $hort.  After selling more than 150,000 albums independently with his second album in 1992, Miller took his talents back to his birthplace, NOLA, to expand his empire. By his third album, “The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!” he now sold 250,000 units independently with No Limit Records grossing over $900,000.

No Limit Records suddenly became an independent music army, better yet the navy and landed Miller with a profitable deal between him and Priority Records. He owned the master recordings for himself and his artists, received a $375,000 advance for every album produced, and earned 75% of the wholesale price for every album sold, which was 2 or 3 times more for what huge pop stars made at the time. Since inking the deal, Master P and No Limit Records went on to selling platinum albums, millions of hit singles, and topping various Billboard charts.

Nothing was stopping No Limit in the 90s, with 1998 being Master P’s most defining year. In 1998, Miller was listed as 10th on Forbes magazine’s list of America’s 40 highest paid entertainers selling $120 million worth of albums and generating over $160 million in revenue through his countless business ventures. Master P continued to move militant over the years on to expanding his business beyond the music industry and invested into a several ventures, including:

  • a travel agency
  •  a real estate investment and property management company, PM Properties
  • a Foot Locker retail outlet
  • stocks
  • film, music, and television production, No Limit Films
  • TV network, Better Black Television
  • toy making
  • an energy drink, “Make Em Say Uhh”
  • a phone sex company
  • a sports management agency No Limit Communications
  • clothing, Money Mafia Clothing
  • a jewelry line
  • auto accessories
  • book and magazine publishing
  • retail franchises, such as fast food restaurants and gas stations.

There is truly no limit to what Master P can do! He even earned a contract with two different NBA teams,the Charlotte Hornets during the 1998 pre-season, and the Toronto Raptors in 1999 pre-season, in which he pursued his initial passion for basketball.

Master P continues to move the culture forward, essentially with his television network, Better Black Television. Miller, along with fellow executives Denzel Washington, Bo Derek, and DJ Kool Herc, promote positive messages and content geared towards black culture, with his network developed in 2008. In 2009, he earned more than $661 million, making him the highest paid hip hop entertainer in the world at the time. As of March 2013, No Limit Records has sold nearly 80 million albums worldwide and Master P has a personal net worth of $250 million!

Recently, Master P has been seen on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” and starring in his own reality show, “Master P’s Family Empire.”

Along with being an accomplished entrepreneur, he is also a father, author, philanthropist and overall hip-hop icon. Master P is more than a buisnessman, he’s a BUSINESS MAN and he continues to handle his business, damn!

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