5 Terms to Get Familiar With While Transitioning  





*As requested, I’m stepping away from hip-hop for a little and headed into hair..



I made the decision to transition from relaxed to natural hair in January/February 2014 and my journey has been the least bit perfect. However, I learned a lot along the way thanks to Google searches, YouTube tutorials, trial and error, and direct advice from fellow blogger and beauty enthusiast, Ashley Hall (aka @CurlsFoTheGirls). While these helped me on my path towards plentiful curls, at times I wish I had a “For Dummies” guide on the right way to handle my transition, especially with all the new terminology that came my way. Here’s some lingo I picked up that were important to me while making the transition that should be beneficial to you as well.

Pre-Poo– This is a conditioning treatment before you shampoo your hair. Although you wash everything away when you shampoo, a pre-poo helps fight shedding, breakage, tangles, and also helps retain moisture that is typically stripped away during shampooing.

Manito’s Way: I keep it simple and pre-poo by covering my hair with coconut oil the night before in a bun or let it sit for at least an hour before performing my wash routine. 

Co-Wash– When one uses a  “co-wash,” one cleanses their hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. It’s a way to refresh your hair to bring the ultimate moisture without the harsh agents in shampoo.  A co-wash will leave your hair smooth and soft.While co-washing is great, one shouldn’t opt out shampoo altogether. Shampoo is needed to clarify and fortify your scalp to eliminate the itchies and encourage hair growth.

Manito’s Way: I like to rotate my shampoos and co-washes weekly; on one week I shampoo, the next week I co-wash.

Slip– This term describes the consistency of a hair product, so it can literally slip right through your fingers, or comb! You’re going to need to take it easy on your tangles during your transition journey, so slip is very important. A product with slip is essential for the detangling process to work through your tresses without all the stresses.

Manito’s Way: I use Camille Rose Naturals Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard and it has plenty of slip!

L.O.C.– This abbreviation stands for “Leave-in , Oil and Cream” and is a method used to moisturize your hair. After washing and conditioning your hair, apply your desired leave-in conditioner, followed by an oil to lock in the moisture, and a cream to leave your hair soft, silky and EXTRA JUICY! This technique is going to be super helpful during your transition because your hair will be THIRSTY for moisture. Throughout your transition, you will be dealing with 2 types of hair: your newly grown hair in it’s natural state, and the remainder of your hair that is still chemically treated. Your hair will be more prone to breakage because it wants to do away with those dry, relaxed ends of your hair and to make it easier to maintain you should MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE!

Manito’s Way: Organic virgin coconut oil is my personal favorite oil to use as a sealant. 

Pineappling– This is simply a way to preserve your favorite transitioning hairstyle while sleeping. One can simply throw their curls up in a high, loose ponytail on the top of their head, so it looks almost like a pineapple, and add a satin/silk scarf around from the back of your head and tie it in the front, some might use a satin bonnet instead.

Manito’s Way: I use both a satin scarf and a bonnet to keep my curls right at night. #HeyBigHead

There are tons of lingo naturalistas use when discussing hair care. But this last term is the most important for every curly girl out there to know. The term “GOOD HAIR” is a  common misconception and the most overly misused. Some think that “good hair” is determined by what type of hair you have and that is not true at all. Good hair means HEALTHY hair! No matter what type of hair you have, whether it be kinky, coily, curly, wavy or straight, you can never go wrong with your hair as long as it’s healthy!

Take these terms with you along your transition to keep it at its healthiest and bring out the best of you and your hair. Keep it cute and keep it curly! Best of luck!

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For any comments, concerns, or curly-related questions, you can drop it low girl!


2 thoughts on “5 Terms to Get Familiar With While Transitioning  

  1. Gurrlla !!!! If you only knew how long i have been waiting for a post like this. This was really informative. Thanks Manito..Love your blog btw.


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