50 Shades of Purple

With the release of “Future” and “HNDRXX” in the last 2 weeks, Future has shown a colorful spectrum of moods through his syrup-inspired songs. On both albums, he flexes his versatility from trap tracks that embrace the streets to softer songs that show a more tender side, or whatever that fucking means. There’s a great balance between the two albums with the self-titled album, “Future,” featuring a version of Future that’s boastful and ruthless and “HNDRXX” unveiling a more vulnerable side of him. While his street anthems, such as “Trap Niggas” and “Fuck Up Some Commas,” are typically what keeps Future at the top, his deepest cuts, similar to the ones found on HNDRXX, are what really pull me in to Future’s world painted with purple Actavis.

Here’s a look at songs I found that evoke some of Future’s deepest emotions.

No Matter What (2011)

One of Future’s earliest love ballads, “No Matter What” is song describing an unbreakable bond among two people in love despite life’s many ups and downs.

Turn On the Lights (2012)future_-_pluto

“Turn On the Lights” was one of Future’s biggest hits from his debut studio album “Pluto” and what initially made me fall for him. On this song, Future is looking for love in all the wrong places and can’t seem to find the right one in the midst of a sea of superficial women. Future also shows his perception of love and craves for something more substantial.

Loveeeee Song – Rihanna featuring Future (2012)unapologetic_-_rihanna

Future shares his desire for love and affection once again featured on Rih Rih’s “Loveeee Song” from the Unapologetic album.

I Won (feat. Kanye West) (2014)future_honest_album

Future exclaims his excitement found in his prized possession in “I Won.” Paired with Kanye West, Future proudly professes his love for his trophy woman. Although he is no longer with former fiancee, Ciara, Future felt as if he had a winner at the time and took to this song to put his feelings into words.

I Be U (2014)

Future’s second album, “Honest”  was created during Future and Ciara’s relationship and with some of these songs dedicated to her. In “I Be U,” Future shares details on how the couple grew closer together emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Throw Away (2014)1411572107_monster_750x750_84

The end of Future and Ciara was devastating for Hendrix, but brought out the best in his music. Future’s mixtape Monster made waves in 2014 as he was working his way through his break up with this song being more honest than the “Honest” album. Future leaves the need for love he once sung about behind on “Throw Away.” On the first part in “Throw Away” he replaces those once had feelings with treating women as if they are disposable. On the second part to this song, he openly expresses his post-breakup hurt and frustration while also revealing the turmoil of temptation that ended his last relationship.

Codeine Crazy (2014)1411572107_monster_750x750_84

Future talks about drowning in dark depression and trying to find his light on “Codeine Crazy.” He tries to find ways to cope in meaningless women, extravagant spending, and drugs and lean.

Forever Eva (2015)future_beast_mode_mixtapes

Super Future openly dedicates his life to love, loyalty, and lavishness forever eva, forever eva.

56 Nights (2015)future_56_nights_mixtape

Future takes us on life on tour with him on “56 Nights.” He shares DJ Esco’s experience of being in jail for 56 nights, his drug addiction, and all the time he commits to his work.

Kno the Meaning (2015)61mcort8trl

Fans get better acquainted with Future’s past and his recent rise to fame on “Kno the Meaning.” Future’s career went way beyond Astronaut Status and took off like a spaceship. After a consistent run of record breaking mixtapes, DS2 has been his best and biggest album to date. With this track, he gives insight on where he’s been and how far he wants to take it.

Perkys Calling (2016)

Our favorite astronaut takes us away inside his mind with this track preaching about the pressures of fame and finding it hard to heal. He still feels the open wounds left from his life dealing drugs, his former relationship with Ciara, his substance abuse and his constant need to strive for more to feed his lifestyle.

Purple Reign (2016)future-purple-reign-tape_tsf8x1-620x620

Future pours out his emotions for his love for lean in Purple Reign. He cries out his need for lean and personifies it as his girlfriend. However, despite his addiction he vows to continue his legacy and let his reign live on.

When I Was Broke future-future-album-cover-art

Here, Future tells a story of his woman who held him down during one of his most desperate and needy times of having little to no money.

Feds Did A Sweep

Future gets personal with a track that takes us back to his trap days where his friend gets killed during a drug raid. He carries this pain with him and hopes to meet him later in heaven.


On his newest album, Future apologizes to those he’s hurt and admits his wrongs with “Sorry.” With Future admitting Ciara was his only loving relationship, it’s obvious the pain he caused her in their breakup still resonates with him to this day in this album.


Do you have any suggestions for Future’s most sentimental songs? Dress it up and make it real for me in a comment below!


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