Seven Songs That Celebrate THE LOVE BELOW

It was once said that, “life and death are by the power of the tongue” and I’m one who certainly lives for some “power of the the tongue.”
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As a hip-hop head who…um…enjoys head, I love hearing about it in the music I listen to as something I can relate to and shout along with excitement. Dive right in to these dope rap songs with me dedicated to going down below.

1. My Bubble Gum- Rasheeda

Rasheeda makes it known she’s got that “Georgia peach with a southern twist” in a track showcasing her good taste.

2. Not Tonight – Lil Kim

Lil Kim gets cleverly candid with her sexcapades on “Not Tonight.” She explains she’s not here for trash sex and DEFINITELY not here for sticking without licking.

3. The Trip (Downtown)- Wale

Sampling SWV’s oh-so-sensual song, “Downtown,” Wale professes his love for pleasing a woman.  He insists that “downtown” is the place to be with his rhymes and even with an audio snippet from TV sitcom “Seinfeld.” “You’ve got to go downtown, it’ll ALL downtown. It’s just like the song says.”

4. Doin It Well (feat. Jadakiss) – Nicki Minaj

In one of her earlier tracks off her mixtape, “Sucka Free,” Nicki remixes LL’ Cool J’s classic “Doin It Well” with her own spin on it.

5. Work It – Missy Elliot

Missy took her love for getting some and made it into a hit! She gets supa-dupa sexy while still keeping it fun Missy’s way.

6. My Neck, My Back – Khia

Khia doesn’t hold her tongue with “My Neck, My Back” and doesn’t want you to hold yours either. She’s giving specific instructions on how to lick it, I suggest you take notes.

7.  How Many Licks (feat. Sisqo) – Lil Kim

Lil Kim isn’t one to shy away from talking about sex in her music and “How Many Licks” with Sisqo is no different.


What songs are on your list that involve sweet eats? Leave a juicy one in a comment!


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