Top 5 Reasons To Date A Jay-Z Fan

Jay-Z fans are something special. What more can I say..I mean, it’s just different. We don’t shine, we illuminate the whole show. There’s plenty of astounding qualities that come with being a fan of the Jigga man, with some of them making us more desirable to date. Take a look at a few reasons explaining why from one of the biggest and best fans herself:

1. We’re sharp and witty .

Jay-Z’s leading lyrical ability has been responsible for some of the dopest lines in rap. Hov’s dropped brilliant bars like Flex drops bombs. Analyzing these same bars have also been able to keep my mind sharp and keep me on my toes. Because of this, we can hold interesting conversations and charm you with clever jokes. I gotta slick mouth, you might wanna roll with me..

2. We’ll upgrade you.

Partner let us Upgrade U…Being a Jay-Z fan means becoming familiar with the finer things in life. We’re accustomed to hearing about all his lavishness and upper echelon he raps about, so we’ll keep you up to date on the latest trends and put you on another level. We have exceptional taste thanks to Jay. Hov has also been the go-to for what’s hot and what’s not for years. He sets trends from the labels he wears to the bottles he pops. If you get with a Jay-Z fan, we’ll show you how to do this son. 

3. We’re confident.

When your wife is Beyonce, you brag different. Hov has earned all the bragging rights in his raps and they’ve rubbed off on his continuous listeners. A companion that carries themselves with confidence is an adorable trait. Someone who’s confident is also someone who isn’t insecure. You’re not worried about the others when you’re sure of yourself. When you’re with a Jay-Z fan, we understand that competition is NADA. It doesn’t get better than us and we know you’re not going anywhere.

4. We’re loyal.

Jay’s been in the game for 20 years and fans have stuck by him for 12 solo albums. Diamonds are f o r e v e r. Who holds it down longer and stronger than us?

5. We’re focused.

“I’m so bossy, bitch get off me!” Jay-Z fans are about their business honey. We don’t only admire his music, but we also admire his work ethic. Seeing and hearing HOV’s hustle drives us to become successful just as well. Keeping someone on your arm that keeps their eye on the prize is a win/win. You should want a partner that can secure the bag with you. A HOV fan can bring something to the table and prepare a meal to be served on it.
Can you think of an even better reason to date a Jay-Z fan? If you’re down with the ROC, drop a gem below in a comment.


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