JuMani’s Book Cypher – The Four Agreements

The His & Hers of Hip-Hop are back with another dope read! After wanting to fight everyone with a black fist in the air reading The New Jim Crow in February, we decided to gear towards something a lot lighter. In March, JuGatti and I set our sights on self-awareness with The Four Agreements. This book by don Miguel Ruiz uses ancient Mexican wisdom to apply useful principles to live your best life. Feeling so enlightened, we wanted to share a taste of what resonated with us the most, check it out below:

1. What agreement stuck out with you most and why?

Manito: The first agreement stuck out to me the most, which was “Be impeccable with your word.” I’m typically a firm believer of speaking what you want into existence and reading about it reaffirmed my beliefs and made me focus on how to use this to my best capabilities even more. Although I know that saying what you want out of life and of yourself is a major key, there are times I think the worst of myself and I realized after reading this book I set myself up for failure in this agreement with my other harsh thoughts. With this agreement in mind, I’m going to manifest my personal freedom by not being so hard on myself. I’m my worst critic when I need to be my best cheerleader. Lauryn Hill said it best, “How you gon win when you ain’t right within?”

JuGatti: The agreement that stuck out to me the most would be the 1st: Be Impeccable With Your Word. This one stuck out to me because it’s so simple, yet highly unappreciated. More often than not, your word is literally all you have. As the saying goes: your word is your bond. I know there are times when things come up, and you aren’t able to keep it, but it should never become a habit. I know after reading this i’ve been making more of a conscious effort to adhere to what I say, and follow through even if I don’t want to. 

2. Which agreement do you feel you have to work on the most?

Manito: I have to work on not taking things personally the most, which is the second agreement. This book taught me that I take things personally when I care too much about how people think, feel, and react to me. I really have a bad habit of that. I need to work on not taking anyone’s opinions or perceptions of me too personally because deep down I know myself better than they do. I also have to work on not letting anyone’s negativity bring me down. You know what they say, misery loves company and I’m not with the shits. I need to focus on my light so bitch don’t kill my vibe.

JuGatti: I feel as though the 4th: Always Do Your Best is the one I can work on the most. In the book it stressed the fact that you should always do your best in conjunction with how you are feeling. Often times we are sick, or just not feeling up to it, and naturally won’t have the same productivity. However, at times when I can’t perform to the best of my ability I tend to beat myself up over it constantly. Or i’ll try to power through it and come up with subpar results. The book helped me re-evaluate myself, and I learned that it’s ok to chill, it’s ok to rest. If you consistently compare yourself to your greatest work you will be doing yourself a major disadvantage. Shit, Michael Jordan didn’t score 50 points in every game he played. 

3. If you could add a fifth agreement, what would it be and why?

Manito: My fifth agreement would be “Remind yourself, nobody built like you; you designed yourself.” from Jay-Z’s song “A Dream.” I compare myself to other people a lot, especially with social media. I’ll ask myself why am I not as successful as this person yet, or why can’t my body be like that, or what am I doing wrong in life so I can’t have nice things like this person and the list goes on. I need to be reminded that everything isn’t for everyone and what’s meant for someone else may not necessarily be for you. This would definitely be helpful for personal acceptance.

JuGatti:  Aw man a 5th agreement sheesh. Hmmm. If I were to make a 5th agreement it’ll be to Celebrate Your Victories. Whether big or small. With human nature we always tend to look to the future or look at the bigger picture. We assess where we want to be, and feel that where we are currently is disappointing. That’s never the case. Life is a journey. So even if you aren’t there, never forget to celebrate the small victories that are helping you work towards your goal. As humans, we have a difficult time living in the now. We’re either reminiscing on the ‘good ol days’ or stressing over what’s next. Stressing so much that we forget to appreciate the gift that is the present. 

4.  How will you apply the agreements to your everyday life?

Manito: I’ll start by changing the narrative on how I speak, whether it be to myself and out loud. I”m also going to make a conscious effort to give my all in any circumstance and not let anyone get in the way of it.

JuGatti: After reading the book I’ve subconsciously been trying to adhere as best as I could to the agreements. Whenever I go through something I try to apply at least one to the situation. So far so good on that! 

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Did you read The Four Agreements? Plan on it? You can share any and all suggestions or reading recommendations in a comment below. Think positive.


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