Amerikkkan Horror Story: Joey Bada$$ 

Who knew White America’s worst nightmare was actually one of Brooklyn’s finest?


Hip-hop meets Huey Newton as Joey Bada$$ pens political anthems on his sophomore studio album, “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$.” With this project as his call to action, Joey utilizes the most powerful weapon of all on America as a black male youth, his voice. As a rebel with a cause, Joey speaks on issues that may be controversial to some, but everyday to most, especially if you’re black in America. Topics such as racial inequality, mass incarceration, police brutality, human rights, along with the history of gang violence and the War on Drugs were brought to light as Bada$$ cleverly aligned them with a passionate delivery and well-written lyrics. On AABA, Joey inspires change, calls out America on its bullshit and lets everyone know he’s not going out without a fight, embodying what it means to be a true badass all while pissing white people off one bar at a time.

Joey Bada$$ opens up the album by waking up the people on the track “Good Morning Amerikkka” with the question, “What’s freedom to you?” While starting off with the album with a slight wake-up call, he follows up with songs that won’t leave the people sleeping on the resting issues African-Americans face in this country today. He brings awareness to the hypocrisy of white America, which is supposedly the “land of the free” but is actually the home of the constantly oppressed black man, and seeks out for a hero to take a stand and lead the way to let freedom ring.


Joey proceeds to ask more questions in “Y U Don’t Love Me?”  In this track, he personifies America (spelled with 3 Ks for obvious reasons) as a woman who mistreats him, rejects him and constantly puts him down. He poses the question of what’s the reason behind America’s racism and xenophobic behavior and why does this country continue to bring down black people while we are the reason for building this country up?

But Bada$$ doesn’t let America’s abusive nature bruise his spirit, instead he rises above it. On songs like “Temptation,” “Devastated,” and “Legendary,” he focuses on his inner peace and somehow finds beauty in carrying the burden of being black in America. He uses these songs to express how he turns tragedy into triumph and taking on the problems of the world with a big ass middle finger screaming “FUCK YOU!” He also pokes fun at the once offensive term, “Super Predator,” brought to you by the Clinton administration as a way to identify young, black males in the 90s, and uses it as a title for a song he pairs with rap veteran, Styles P, on.

While Joey makes peaces with himself, it doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s still about that action! “Ring the Alarm” is rebellious, war ready, and basically holds the message of “anybody can get it.” On this song, he’s ready to run up in Wall Street for his reparations alongside Brookyn’s own Meechy Darko of the Flatbush Zombies, and Kirk Knight and Nyck Caution repping Pro-Era. On the last track, “Amerikkkan Idol” he shouts “me and my niggas going off like bomb threats” repeatedly as a warning for white America that the revolution is coming. He also closes with a sociopolitical themed verse that will leave the most conservative mind shook. 

Joey Bada$$ seems to have skipped right past the “sophomore album slump” with the politically-fused “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$.” Now at the age of 22, he has shown growth since the debut of his first LP “B4.Da.$$” back in 2015 with subject matter that would make the “Fight the Power” founding father, Chuck D, proud, to further developing and polishing his already skillful lyricism. An album such as this deserves all the praise for initiating conversations like this and making white folks uncomfortable. Salute Joey Bada$$, a fan for the people and striking fear into the masses!

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Be sure to stream this album, available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal. Support an independent artist known for making his own waves happen.

Have you heard “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$?” Leave a comment below and stay woke.


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