True Life: I’m A Tomboy..

Allow me to re-introduce myself…

I’m Manito and for those who don’t know, I’m what some would call a “tomboy.” I think it’s pretty obvious if you keep up with me on here and other outlets but I think I gotta give you a friendly reminder, here it is. A lot of my interests are what some “boys” would typically be into including sneakers, certain aspects of male fashion like team jerseys, collegiate apparel and oversized clothing, hip-hop/rap music, and watching sports, specifically football and basketball. 

I’m not really sure how this whole tomboy thing came about. It’s just me. It could be from spending quality time with my dad, or my mom keeping us in matching jerseys as a kid, or because my father LIVED in the Champion outlet in the 90s and got all my gear from there, irregular sizes and all. *face palm*

But this isn’t just a phase or a trend, I woke up like this

There’s a lot of people who wouldn’t agree and think the way I am is a facade to get male attention. But shietttttt, only if they knew being little tomboy me gets me less dates! A lot of the time having the same interests in guys leaves you as “just the homie” or men might look at you and think “she’s like a sister to me.” Mostly I get “she’s cool af” instead of being thought of as sexy or attractive. Not all the time, but ya know.. it happens. *wink*

In some cases, men don’t believe a woman can be remotely interested in things similar to them and GOD FORBID IF YOU’RE IN FACT KNOWLEDGEABLE ON THE SUBJECT! Instead you get the “Oh you’re a hip-hop fan, what’s 2Pac’s 4th song on his 5th album?” GTFOH. Don’t question me either, I’m not the one you wanna go toe to toe with on rap trivia either.

More often, my femininity is questioned, along with my sexual orientation. But low and behold, I LOVE men, very much, and I love being a woman! I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Contrary to popular belief, I have many feminine qualities like painting my nails pretty shades of pink and binge watching Sex and the City to name a few. Just because I don’t like wearing makeup shouldn’t make me any less of a woman. I might rock rough and stuff with my afro puffs on the outside but underneath the surface I’m still very much soft and pink on the inside. Actually, I happen to think I’m an undiscovered Victoria’s Secret Angel underneath, ah kay?!

I’m very comfortable in the skin I’m in, it’s just getting other people to accept it that’s the challenge. I take people as they are and expect the same in return, for some it takes a little getting used to. Sometimes when my friends want me to go out, I have to be consulted on my wardrobe. I’ve heard “Leave the little boy look at home” and “Try to be more girly this time.” I might as well be hearing “Can you not be yourself or feel comfortable?” But I get it. I used to get offended, now I look at it from another perspective. I look at it as an opportunity to be well-versed in my style. Sure I can kick it and kill it in some Converse, but I can also come correct in a pair of Christian Louboutins too!

This is me, your friendly neighborhood tomboy; still feminine and flat out fabulous. Yes, I prefer sneakers over shoes and can name the starting five on my favorite basketball team all while being a phenomenal woman, phenomenally. Don’t forget it kay?


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