What’s the Price?

I’m sure there’s a more poetic phrase I could say like, “Know your worth, and add tax” or “self-love is the best love” but I’ma tell you like 2 Chainz told me: “Believe in yourself, health is wealth.”

So far in year 25, my pockets may be on struggle, but my mental strength is on double and I’m feeling like a million bucks.🤑 I’ve been focusing my energy on progressive thinking instead of getting consumed with self-doubt and I’m seeing the difference. I owe it to the things I write, what I read, and even the music I listen to. That’s right, some of hip-hop’s illest lyricists have been making sure I check myself before I wreck myself with bars that focus on self-love and knowing your worth. Who knows, maybe the same could work for you.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself or need a friendly reminder of just how much you’re worth, check out 10 lyrics from hip-hop songs that’ll keep your head up and your standards even higher.



“Know yourself, know your worth nigga” – Drake, from “0 to 100/The Catch Up”


“My advice is just don’t be too nice to niggas
Just set the price on niggas and live your life, my nigga” – Jay-Z, from “BAM”


“You gotta have the mind state like I’m so great and can’t nobody do it like you do
Miraculous, phenomenal
And ain’t nobody in here stopping you
Show no love, cause you’re what’s up
Look at yourself in the mirror, like what the fuck..
Damn, I look good and can’t nobody freak it like I could” – Remy Ma, from “Conceited” 


“Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem
Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams
I use it as my gas, so they say that I’m gassed
But without it I’d be last, so I ought to laugh” – Kanye West, from “Last Call”


My mind is the strongest muscle in my body, I can make anything happen.
Just gotta have a little love and dedication.
Give it some time to watch it grow.
Hard work can take you anywhere you want to go.
If you don’t believe in nothing else you can bet on that.
Keep your head high and never look back.
Know there’s only one person that can stop you from getting what you want and that’s yourself.
You just gotta push yourself to be the best and don’t worry about nobody else.” – Dom Kennedy, from “Me Again”


“‘So all you see is what you lacking, not what you packing
Take it from a man that loves what you got
And baby girl, you’re a star, don’t let ’em tell you you’re not
Now is it real? Eyebrows, fingernails, hair
Is it real? If it’s not, girl, you don’t care
Cause what’s real is something that the eyes can’t see that the hands can’t touch, that them broads can’t be and that’s YOU” – J. Cole, from “Crooked Smile”


You’re only as low as you think, fuck it..
You’re never as low as you think, nah, nah, man you’re never as low as you think” – Bas, from “Dopamine”


“I got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNA
I got hustle though, ambition flow inside my DNA
I was born like this, since one like this
Immaculate conception
I transform like this, perform like this
Was Yeshua new weapon” – Kendrick Lamar, from “DNA”


Gotta keep my pride, I’m a general
Gotta keep it real with some criminals
Gotta keep my focus, I’m phenomenal
Once I cock and load I’m the money man” – Future, from “Inside the Mattress” 


“Let these niggas know your worth
Ain’t no discounts
They ain’t got it? Better get it
Tell a bitch bounce” – Fabolous, from “Bish Bounce”

What words do you live by when it comes to $elf-worth? Write one in a comment below.


5 thoughts on “What’s the Price?

  1. Awesome list!! The Jay Z “just set your price on niggas and live your life my nigga” has been my quote to live by this summer.

    My personal favorite self worth song is pretty much the whole third verse on 2 Pac’s Me Against The World track

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