Mani B’s Favorite Max B Tracks

“Lemme switch and get on Biggavell shit…”

Try not to drown, I’m sharing some of my so wavy favorites from Wavy Crockett himself. See which songs from the Silver Surfer I think are some of his best, brightest, and braggadocious below. 🌊🌊🌊🌊

10. Never Wanna Go Back

Hours before receiving a 75-year jail sentence in 2009, Max took the time to share some of his pain with his fans on “Never Wanna Go Back.”  He’s not ready to leave the streets, his family or his pride behind.  He might be going through some things but he’s still coming out strong. He’s still ruthless on a track in a time of his life that’s so vulnerable and I love it. OooWwwWW!

9. Sexy Love

Max will forever have my respect for sampling one of my favorite Destiny’s Child songs, “Is She The Reason?” His vocals might not be as good as Beyonce’s but still an interesting take on this track, to say the least.

8. Grand Cru (unreleased)

Short, sweet, but still one of my most beloved classics is Max’s unreleased version of Grand Cru. It’s also one of my favorites to sing along to, as shared on my Instagram.

7. Leave Them Boys Alone

He’s not named “Biggavelli” for nothing. The Boss Don is a deadly combination of 3 kings, Biggie, Jigga, and Makaveli (2Pac) and shows his Jigga influence floating over Jay-Z’s “Politics As Usual” instrumental. Getting your name from 3 G.O.A.T.s means you should act as such, and Max does that and more. On “Leave Them Boys Alone,” he lets it known he’s not one to fuck with, full of flashy bars and fortitude.

6. Lip Sing

Bet you thought he wouldn’t come through and change the game; it’s Silver Surfer coming to you on Lip Sing, one of his most controversial and catchiest songs. In this song, Max talks about his claim to fame and how he influenced artists like Jim Jones and Juelz Santana.

5. Where Do I Go? (BBQ Music)

Bigga finds a way to make it smooth but keep it street his way with “Where Do I Go? (BBQ Music).” On it, Max takes us through Harlem on his kinky expedition as he tries to find fine women and a fun time.  You can catch me on my own expedition with this song playing in my Jeep when it’s warm out. I mean, it’s only right. Who else do you know that could make Cherelle & Alexander O’Neal’s “Saturday Love” sound even wavier?

4. Why You Do That?

Listeners like myself get a big dose of Biggavel’s bossy persona on “Why You Do That?” I happen to think this is also one of his best songs lyrically.

3. Don’t Take It Personal

A personal classic for me, “Don’t Take It Personal” is a song that gives us quintessential Max; unapologetic and boastful. It wouldn’t be a Biggavell song without him bragging in so wavy fashion. I happen to love his flow on this track and throw this on when I need to get my bag.

2. Gotta Have It (Full Version)

As seen on one of my playlists entitled “Thug Love,” Gotta Have It is how I see love, modern day Bonnie and Clyde style. A song like this makes me dream of a love that’s so wavy for me and my baby.

1.  Picture Me Rollin

A song that’s highly favored by me, and also that’s most sung off-key is “Picture Me Rollin.” I really can’t explain what it is but this song does something to me, might be Young Los on the beat or the hook or even that I feel just as bossed up as Max B while singing it.
What are some of your favorite Max B songs? Ride the wave and write me a comment. 🏄🏾‍♀️


One thought on “Mani B’s Favorite Max B Tracks

  1. this list is phenomal. Like u really have to be a max b fan to truly appreciate this list. Great job and the story behind him creating the songs are even better!!!


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