JuMani’s Book Cypher: The Art Of Seduction

JuGatti and I make the month of September seductive with reading Robert Greene’s “The Art Of Seduction.” Referred to me by my best friend as an attempt to save my so-called dating life, or lack there of, The Art of Seduction puts you up on game with ways to wield your social power. Feeling intrigued and looking to fully master different methods of mesmerizing, I hit up JuGatti to add this read in rotation.  This book gives you the full scope through the lens of someone who knows all about allure including 24 strategies of seduction, several types of seducers, and deep descriptions of those who fall to the victim of the seducer.  A read full of gems to make the opposite sex gravitate and plenty powers of persuasion will lure you in with every page turn. See what laws of attraction pulled me and JuGatti in with our Q&A.

1. Aside from the obvious uses in romance, where are other aspects in life that you incorporate these art of seduction strategies? 

JuGatti: An aspect of life in which I use some of these practices is definitely in the start up business world. Many of these principles I try to utilize in one way or another to help build up the ideas and ventures I have going on. Especially with trying to grow a steady following these tactics definitely help.

Manito: Besides dating, I’m hoping to use these strategies in the work world to further establish myself in my career and as part of my brand. In this journey of mine as a personality/writer, the way I communicate and how people perceive and receive me is key so I’m hoping that these ways will help me seem more appealing.

2. What is an art of seduction strategy that you feel you use the best?

JuGatti: The strategy I feel I utilize best would be #9: Keep them in suspense–what comes next? I am good with this due to the fact I am pretty superstitious about shit and I don’t really like announcing stuff until I am 98% sure I am putting it out. Also with me being secretive it helps with my roll outs and building anticipation for the ready rock I have intentions on dropping.

Manito: I use “Appear to be an object of desire – create triangles” the best. I don’t want to too my own horn but umm…BEEP BEEP! I’m quite the social butterfly and loved by many and  blah blah blah… I think that’s because I have a desirable personality that people are drawn to and I have a lot of friends. I personally think people see that I have a lot of loved ones and they want to be around me too and see what the hype is about. I used to think me having a lot of guy friends was a weakness but it turns out it’s a strength. When men see me with a lot of guys, they get this idea that “hmmm..she’s actually cool as shit to be around, I could get with that.”

3. On the flip side, what is an art of seduction strategy that you would like to utilize more? 

JuGatti: I want to work more on #23: Master the Art of the Bold Move. I feel as though I’m always being a punk and tip toeing around what I really want to do because for some irrational reason I think playing it safe at times is going to get me where I want to be. Which is NOT the case, so yeah I need to put my big boy pants on and take a leap of faith from time to time, so I can stop wallowing in my sorrows and shit. 

Manito: I want to utilize “Poeticize your presence” more, which is creating the feeling of someone missing me in my absence.  I hate feeling like I’m doing too much, so I like to keep my distance so that I’m not annoying or I’m not that person that hits you up and you’re like, “Ugh not this bitch again.” BUT I don’t know how to find that balance between creating an elusiveness when I’m not around and acting like I’m not into you. Most times I can create TOO much distance and appear uninterested, when in reality I just don’t want to smother you so I leave you alone. I tend to make people feel like they’re chasing me when that’s not the case at all.

4. What do you think is the most important strategy to know and why? 

JuGatti: The most important strategy is #11: Pay Attention to Detail. That is SO DAMN IMPORTANT. People are often entranced in the big picture that they forget to notice the small details that can make or break their craft. What did Drake say “..cuz the eager beaver could be the collapse of a dam” yeah that, that’s how I feel. 

Manito: “Master the art of the bold move” is the most important strategy to me. B.I.G. said it best, “Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart’s in it, and live the phrase ‘Sky’s the limit!’ ” In this life, you can NOT be pussy. You got to go for what you want out of life. You know take some risk for your reward. In other words, “shoot your shot” as the kids say it. 

5. You’re a superhero, your super powers are one of these strategies. Which one will you choose and why? While we’re here what’s your superhero name?

JuGatti: If I was a superhero I would use #7: Enter Their Spirit as my super power. So on some bugged out body snatcher stuff I would just enter the villain’s body and control them. Sounds wild freaky as I read over what I just said but that’s the one ‘m going with. Enter their mind like Professor X and what not, I would be invincible and my name would definitely be DuragJu because I would fly around the city and the du rag flaps would be my cape.

Manito: If I’m a superhero I’m using the “Use physical lures” concept as my super power. People will fall under my spell with my ability to hypnotize people with my eyes and seduce people to do whatever I want at my will.  I’d have magnetic powers like Magneto and be able to use telekinesis because I’d have the ability to attract things. My costume would be super sexy like a black Jessica Rabbit and my presence would be crazy alluring. My name would be “Hypnotiq” maybe my costume and hair could be the same shade as the liquor. HA! 

Where would I be without Ju? You can find him for yourself here:

Twitter: @_JuGatti , @stoop_kidz
Instagram: @JuKnowIt
Website: StoopKidz.com


Have you read The Art of Seduction? Are you looking for different ways to entice and excite? Talk to me nice in a comment.


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