FriendZone to EndZone

Dating is not an easy game, especially when you’re in the “friendzone”. Hoping to be the lover instead of the homie is more like a waiting game as opposed to the dating game. But do you ever wonder, what if there’s a better way to play it?

For the football fanatic who wants to be more than friends, here’s some ideal ways of putting you in the right position to score using football terms. Let’s huddle up…



Everyone in sports knows the phrase, “The best defense is a good offense” and dealing with the matters of the heart, it’s no different. The odds will be against you no matter if its man to man, dime, nickel, zone blitz etc. No matter what obstacles may come your way in your attempts to get out of the dreaded friendzone, focus on YOU. Don’t worry about anyone else but yourself. You know what happens when you’re looking in the backfield? Someone else can be so worried about what the quartberback is doing they miss their own coverage. Always remember to play your position.

First Down

One should really strategize when it comes to leaving the friend zone. You don’t just do a bomb pass or Hail Mary down the field  in hopes to score. Take it little by little, with every 10 yards. The first down can be your friend with moves that will help you inch a little closer. Eventually when you move the ball into your territory the chances of you scoring might be more likely.


Encroachment can be a foul play on and off the field. Don’t cross the line unless told to, it can move you back 5 yards when you’ve worked so hard to get forward.


When someone loses the handle in football it’s known as a fumble. Under these circumstances, if someone else is in the picture and they happen to drop the ball, be alert. This could be your chance to recover, pick it up, and take it to your territory.

Cheat Sheet

Being a friend for someone you admire can have it’s perks too. As a friend, you have all your advantages quaterbacking the situation. You know that person so well from their likes and dislikes, past lovers, and more! All this information can be something like your “cheat sheet” in your efforts to throw it deep, and then some.


Football is a team sport but everyone loves the guy who makes big plays. Be the playmaker. Make it to the highlight reel! Bold gestures and big moves to show them you care get you noticed. Be the Barry Sanders and not the benchwarmer.

Delay of game

Don’t wait until it’s too late, your moment is now! Be persistent in it.

“The Extra Point is good!”

If you ever do get the chance to score, don’t waste all your energy celebrating with your “touchdown dance.” Don’t forget, the extra point is something to add to your score. You’re always given the opportunity to add to your moment. What you decide to top it off that’ll give you more points, is up to you.

What are some of your best moves when it comes to the friendzone? Put it in a comment, ready? ….. BREAK!


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