Trapping Is A Sport

Drake said it best with his line, “Damn, I swear sports and music are so synonymous, cause we wanna be them and they wanna be us”in Thank Me Now. Whether it’s basketball players dabbling into rap such as Allen Iverson, Dame Lillard, and Tony Parker, or rappers that still had hoop dreams like Master P and Cam’ron, the industry giants of sports and music cross paths in entertainment all the time.

As a fan of both bars and ball, I’m a fan of hearing sports referenced in the music I listen to. Some usually think of Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, or Fabulous when they think of sports comparisons in rap, but one contender I like to throw in is rapper Future. He makes it known that trapping is a sport.


More than dope, designer, and dracos, Future dribbles up rhymes related to sports all the time. Let’s have a look at a few of my favorites below!

All Da Smoke – Future & Young Thug


Pyrex, cook it up like Kyrie, trade you off 
Green and white like Celtics, don’t play with me, play with a fork

Hendrix references the recent trade of Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics in relation to the wizardry that comes to his wrist. Hmm..sounds like he’s James Harden in the kitchen to me.

giphy (1)

Big Rings – Drake & Future


I bought that bitch new Celine, I got rings, I got racks like Serena
All of my rings Aquafina, my bitch Aquafina
Pluto and Jupiter, I go to Venus

Taking his talents to tennis this time, Future namedrops real sisters Serena and Venus Williams in his song with Drake.

Seven Rings – Future


My left and right hand Robert Horry…

The seventh song on his seventh project since the turn of his career, is Future’s “Seven Rings” where he compares trapping to 7 time champion, Robert Horry.

Lookin Exotic – Future


Three rings on my left, I feel like King James

From one GOAT to another, Extravagant Hendrix uses this simile to compare him and three time champion, LeBron James. “Y’all niggas gon’ learn to respect the King…”


Out Da Mudd – Future (feat. Young Scooter)


LeBron on the front, Kobe on the back
I’m the astronaut kid money way taller than Shaq

They say “good things come in threes” and here Future’s Freebandz collab with Young Scooter, he mentions 3 basketball greats.

Super Trapper – Future


I still will push the line nigga Julius Peppers
Keep money on my mind, got a bad temper

Here he cleverly aligns his trap habits with dangerous defense lineman, Julius Peppers, with the song “Super Trapper.”

Kodak Black – Conscience (feat. Future)


Thirteen strippers.. James Harden..

Kodak Black and Future exchange trap raps and sports bars in this song together with rhymes that include Chris Johnson, Steph Curry, and James Harden. With James Harden having 13 as his jersey number and an active attendance in Houston strip clubs, this line by Future was a no-brainer.


Rotation – Future


Bitch, I’m getting the same money as Cam Newton
Ask me how it feel to be a millionare

Before he was hit by the “All Lives Matter” curse, and rightfully so, Cam Newton was a well respected and leading quarterback in the NFL. Although Future is not near the amount of money Cam Newton is paid in fact, they’re both millionaires, just on 2 different scales.

Jump Out The Face – Meek Mill (feat. Future)


Poured a 8th of Kobe Bryant mixing purple with the yellow

Future’s making a Mamba mentality of his own as he puts together mixing up drank with retired Los Angeles Laker, Kobe Bryant.

March Madness – Future


We ballin like the March Madness
All these cops shooting niggas, tragic
I’m the one that’s living lavish
Like I’m playing for the Mavericks

With this hit by Hendrix, he references basketball not once, but twice in our trap national anthem.

Draco – Future


Fall back shooter like KD, back in the kitchen with the curry
Pouring up, Xan can’t hurt me, pineapple drink looking syrupy
56 Nights I was 30, styrofoam cups same patient
Heard you been talking bout the kid, knowing damn well that’s a flagrant (technical)

In this track from his self-titled album “Future,” Draco is full of sports references with these basketball bars talking about flagrant fouls to Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant and Steph Curry. Additionally, he says “Did the Heisman on the hoe got the stiff arm”
and “Fuck all that biting like Tyson or Holyfield” later in this song too.

Might As Well – Future


I took off just like a rocket (I’m gone), Olajuwon, Hakeem

Our favorite astronaut says his career is taking new heights in comparison to Houston Rockets legend, Hakeem “The Dream.”

Any sports references that come to mind when it comes to Future? Shoot your shot in a comment.


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