PLAYLIST – Take You Down on a Full Moon (and more..)

Something about sharing my playlists makes my shoulders bounce, whether I play them for my friends, making BAE a mushy mixtape, putting them together for family functions, or featuring them here on Hola, Manito! I think it’s because I’ve always wanted to be a DJ but could never get past trying to find a catchy name. But I usually never share my sex setlists, mostly because I don’t want anyone judging me on what sets the mood for me and mine, and recently I added an A Boogie song on there. But with Chris Brown’s new album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” making a monster debut this Halloween with a double disc of 45 songs, I felt like I needed to breakdown the new Breezy.


With so many songs for so many moods and mixed emotions on Heartbreak On A Full Moon, I felt inclined to set aside certain songs.  Since there’s no way me and my boo can get through a couple rounds with a 2 hour album, (but if you know a man who can, let me know), I started with a playlist of sexy songs from the album.  However, my homie JuGatti felt a little overwhelmed with 45 songs on an album and suggested I break it down even further for him. Here are 4 playlists for Heartbreak On A Full Moon for every kind of feeling on there: Take You Down on a Full Moon, Sucka For Love on a Full Moon, No Love on a Full Moon, and Thottin on a Full Moon, available on Spotify. You can find the descriptions and playlists below.

Take You Down on a Full Moon

For those trying to go Half On A Baby like R. Kelly or Feenin’ for it like Jodeci, check out these baby making songs by Breezy.

Sucka For Love on a Full Moon

It’s no surprise Chris Brown can be a sucker for love from time to time and makes it evident with this selection of love songs from the new album, setting the tone for missing a special someone to having a ride or die chick.

No Love on a Full Moon

Get into some of Chris’ most vulnerable songs from the album. You’ll hear some of Chris’ complex emotions as he experiences different types of hurt, heartbreak, and ways he harbors his internal struggles.

Thottin on a Full Moon

On this selection, you’ll find a few uptempo tracks that are both mixed with fun and freaky. This playlist contains songs you’re most likely to hear in a party setting. Some have an island vibe to make you wine your hips or have a trap influenced sound behind them. (You’ll also find that I didn’t enjoy most of the songs on this particular playlist.)


What did you think about Heatbreak on a Full Moon? You can leave your reviews in a comment or tell me what you think about the sound selection below.


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