808s & Heartbreak: 8 Albums For After A Break-Up

Breaking up is so hard to do, but music makes it a little easier to get through. Hip-hop in particular has definitely helped me along the way through mine and prevented me from having a melodramtic meltdown or sending a post on social media I’ll regret the next day.

Like this one, for example:

But before you have a breakdown on Tyrese levels, take a look at 8 projects I personally picked best suited for break-ups below:

Free 6lack – 6LACK


Must Listens: Ex Calling, Free, PBLMS, Luving U

If you’ve ever tried to mend a broken heart, put on 6lack’s “Free 6lack” for starters. As mentioned in a previous post, this body of work is something I like to call a break-up’s best remedy. In this album, 6lack sets a bleak tone with songs over gloomy beats as he walks us through his troubles and tough times trapped in a tumultuous relationship. Throughout tracks like “Rules” and “MTFU” he’s continuously finding his way through his dark past and eventually finds his light. Go ahead and free yourself too taking the steps to a better you with 6lack and his debut album as your guide.

More About Nothing – Wale


Must Listens: The Breakup Song, The War, The Posse Cut (Who Don’t), The Motivation (B Right)

Wale’s breakthrough mixtape might be exactly what you need to get over a break up. Here, you’ll find songs to relate to in terms of ending relationships and rhymes to remind you things will get better. Just in case post breakup pains got you lacking, there’s plenty of tracks that’ll unleash that pure, utter confidence in you that Wale is usually known for. “The Ambitious Girl” would make a great friendly reminder for a dope girl with drive that might be feeling down and “The Work (Workin’)” could be perfect for the gentleman that is always on his grind. But what makes this album something so right for breakups are the tracks that make you remember the good in goodbye, which can also be found on “The Friends & Strangers” and “The Breakup Song.”

Ego Death –  The Internet


Must Listens: Just Sayin/I Tried, Something’s Missing, Gabby, Under Control

Have you ever had an idea of just what to say to someone when it’s over but you didn’t know where to start? For those moments, and more, we have The Internet’s Ego Death.  If you’re someone who struggles with finding the right words to find their way out of a shitty situation, try songs such as “Something’s Missing” and “Just Sayin/I Tried” for when it’s all said and done. You can also try listening to “Gabby” for when the other person says entirely too much. If you also need some words of encouragement throughout the process look to “Girl” and “Go With It.” 

Monster – Future


Must Listens: Fuck Up Some Commas, Codeine Crazy, Throw Away, Monster

Back in Fall 2014, Future’s mixtape Monster was part of a pivotal career change for him. Fresh off a public breakup with former fiance Ciara, Future poured all his emotions into a Styrofoam cup and this project. He made himself into a monster over Metro Boomin beats as well as a beast on the charts. Going through a rough breakup myself at the same time, I turned on this mixtape and felt as though Future and I spoke the same, sad language as new singles. Although I’m not a drinker, smoker, or any type of substance user, I felt every one of Future’s empty emotions evoked on “Codeine Crazy.” A few songs on here can get a little touchy but still keep it trap, like “Throw Away,” and but you can be sure to find songs to get you in your bag and get you TO a bag like “Fuck Up Some Commas.” Another key takeaway on this tape is the message of your day ones being a strong support system, with songs like “Mad Luv” and “My Savages.” If anyone else can be the one to lean on it’s your squad, and Future with this mixtape. Pun intended.

Dark Sky Paradise – Big Sean


Must Listens: I Don’t Fuck With You, All Your Fault, Win Some, Lose Some, Blessings

Big Sean taps into a side of his spirit that deals with moving forward and handling the ups and downs of this rollercoaster called life in Dark Sky Paradise, all of which are ideal when it comes to ending a relationship. Use this album to help you on your way out of heartache, and then some. Play “Stay Down” and take the time to recognize the people that will be there for you thick and thin. Also, don’t forget to recognize your own full potential to be great with “Blessings” and “One Man Can Change The World.”

Seeing Sounds – N.E.R.D.


Must Listens: Laugh About It, Happy, You Know What, Sooner Or Later

N.E.R.D’s album will not only have you seeing sounds but feeling every emotion perfect for post-breakup. High energy songs like “Spaz” can help you dance the pain away. You even can get ready for a night out to “Everybody Nose (All the Girls Standing in the Line for the Bathroom)” when it’s time to pull out that “freakum” dress. Some might go the traditional route and sing along to songs suited for those sentimental moments. “Sooner or Later” is a great one for that. I personally did a lot of self-reflecting on instrumental breaks on this album too. Whether you’re looking to move on or wondering where did it all go wrong, let your mind take you to all the places and spaces possible with The Neptunes as your soundtrack. 🖖🏾

Victory Lap – Nipsey Hussle


Must Listens: Hussle & Motivate, Young Nigga, Dedication, Right Hand 2 God

New to my library and new to my list of listening material after love lost is Nipsey Hussle’s newest album, Victory Lap. This one is fully loaded with songs sure to motivate and make you channel that energy into something way more beneficial than bitching over an ex. Relationships are a 2 way street, and require a lot of effort and consideration in regards to someone else. Newly single, you should be taking this time to be worrying about your self, so start with an album that’s all about self-wealth and level ALL the way up! 🔥

808s & Heartbreak – Kanye West

808s and Heartbreak Anniversary-560x560

Must Listens: Heartless, See You In My Nightmares, Welcome to Heartbreak, Love Lockdown

Welcome to Heartbreak. An album made for this moment is Kanye West’s “808s and Heartbreaks.” From beginning to end we journey with Ye as he faces some of the most difficult heartache mourning his late mother and past relationships. Stepping away from his iconic soulful sound, we walk with Mr. West through a world that is now dreary, dark, and cold with simplified techy-pop songs and auto-tune vocals. Feeling so down and out he compares his experiences with love to the movie “Misery” in “Robocop” and questions if he’ll ever feel loved again on “Coldest Winter.” 

What songs or albums help you out during heart-break? Some that came to mind were Queen Bey’s “Lemonade,” A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s “Artist,”  Lauryn Hill’s “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” and Future’s “HNDRXX.” Break it down for me in a comment down below.


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