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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but these days your Instagram picture ain’t shit unless you have a fire caption to pair with it! For times when you need a little light under that fire and can’t seem to come up with one yourself, there’s the phone app, “Caption Any Photo,” formerly known as Closed Caption.  Caption Any Photo generates dope captions for you at times you can’t decide. There’s a category for different moods and settings to paint for your Instagram posts. You can go to the “No Pain, No Gain” section when you want to flex on them in the gym or the “HOV” section if you’re feeling boastful and bossy. But Cardi B’s latest project has plenty of Instagram worthy punchlines for several categories.


Cardi B’s new album, “Invasion of Privacy,” is full of bangers, bad bitch vibes, and bold one-liners and lyrics. A lot of the lines she dropped in her songs are more than memorable with Cardi giving us quality content that can be used for our Instagram captions. Check out the Cardi B captions I picked to go perfect with the categories featured on the Caption Any Photo app, including “Night Out,” “With The Girls,” “Selfies,” and more! 

tenor (1)

I Don’t Care

“I don’t hang with these bitches cause these bitches be corny
And I got enough bras, y’all ain’t gotta support me” – Get Up 10

“I’ma flex like a ‘roid. I’m a ten, she a droid. Stupid ho..unimportant, unattractive, unemployed.” – Bickenhead

“I like texts from my exes when they want a second chance, I like proving niggas wrong, I do what they say I can’t” – I Like It

(Kehlani) “You know it don’t go to my head, I’m only arrogant in bed” – Ring

“Hoes jumping on my dick, that’s why they call it trampoline huh?” – Money Bag

“These bitches salty, they sodium, they jelly, petroleum. Always talking in the background, don’t never come to the podium” – Money Bag

“Bitch, if you bad then jump. Might leave your bitch in a slump” – Bartier Cardi

“Bitch say that she gon’ try me, how come I haven’t seen it yet?” – She Bad

“You really want them hoes? You can have them bitches. You don’t even cheat with no badder bitches” – Thru Your Phone

(SZA) “I left a nigga on read cause I felt like it” – I Do

“Spend what I want, ain’t no limit. I say what I want, I ain’t never been timid. Only real shit comes out my mouth and only real niggas go in it” – I Do

Night Out (F)

“Get money, go hard. Damn fucking right! Stunting on these bitches out of motherfucking spite” – Get Up 10

“I’m stepping out every day, prom night, FACTS!” – Get Up 10

“Came through dripping…Drip, drip.” – Drip

“Pop that pussy like you ain’t pop that pussy in a while! Pop that pussy like popping pussy is going out of style!” – Bickenhead

(Chance The Rapper) “It’s my birthday, at least that’s what I’m dressed like” – Best Life

(21 Savage) “Your bitch wanna party with a savage” – Bartier Cardi

“I’m a gangsta in a dress, I’m a bully in the bed. Only time that I’m a lady’s when I lay these hoes to rest” – I Do

With The Girls

“You not my bitch? Then bitch, you in danger” – Drip

“And my bitches with me pretty too, they look like bridesmaids” – Money Bag

“Bitch, you ain’t gang? You lame” – Bartier Cardi

“If you ain’t no boss bitch, MOVE” – I Do

“I think us bad bitches is a gift from God” – I Do

“Broke hoes do what they can, good girls do what they told, bad bitches do what THEY WANT.” – I Do

Keys To Success

“Look myself in the mirror, I say ‘We gon’ win.’ Knock me down nine times but I get up ten” – Get Up 10

“I was in the field, man, I slaved for this. Had to talk to God, dropped down, and prayed for this. To my surprise, He replied, said, ‘You made for this'” – Best Life

“Ain’t no more beefing, I’m just keeping to myself. I’m my own competition, I’m competing with myself” – Best Life

“But never did I change, never been ashamed. Never did I switch, story stayed the same. I did this on my own, I made this a lane” – Best Life

Selfies (F)

“Quick to drop a nigga like Kemba. Looking like a right swipe on Tinder” – Drip

“They see pictures, they say, ‘Goals,’ bitch, I’m who they tryna be” – Bodak Yellow

“It’s not a threat, it’s a warning. Be careful with me” – Be Careful

“You might have a fortune, but you lose me, you still gon’ be misfortunate, nigga” – Be Careful

“Bad bitch make him nervous” – I Like It

“Acting like there ain’t niggas that want me. Let another nigga in your spot, and you gon’ be hot nigga, coffee” – Ring

“I said ‘Bae, it’s a snack!’ He said, ‘It’s a entrée!'” – Money Bag

“Everything your nigga want, I’m like a walking wish list” – Money Bag

“Who you know drip like this?! Who you know built like this?!” – Bartier Cardi


“Just because I’ve been on the road, don’t mean I’ve been on the run” – Get Up 10

“Ride through your hood like, ‘Bitch, I’m the mayor!'” – Drip

(Chance The Rapper) “I told y’all I’m living my best life” – Best Life

(Chance The Rapper) “SKRRT SKRRT! Jamie Foxx in your town” – Best Life


Any Cardi lyrics you plan on using for a caption? Share them in a comment then put it on the gram after you pose for your flick!

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Be sure to download the Caption Any Photo app to your phone (iPhone) if you ever get stuck with writer’s block. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @ManiCashHoes and see which ones I’ll be using. EEEOOOOWWWW! *Cardi B voice*


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