PLAYLIST – Too Deep For The Album

Last week was quite a hectic one for hip-hop, between Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer Prize win, Kanye (unfortunately) returning to Twitter, and J. Cole’s newest release, “KOD.”


With Cole’s latest album came a bunch of one listen reviews, cringe worth critiques, and of course, the reoccurring jokes of J. Cole making music to put you to sleep. While Cole’s albums usually aren’t appealing for the club atmosphere or completely radio-friendly, it doesn’t necessarily mean we should sleep on the Dreamville rapper’s skills. But in an era where nobody cares about the truth because the lie is more entertaining, social media critics will continue to run with the narrative of the North Caroline native and his NyQuil raps. Nevertheless, I’m here to change all that.

Check out some of my favorite non-album J. Cole tracks with my playlist, “Too Deep For The Album.” Inspired by one of his early songs off of the “Friday Night Lights” mixtape, “Too Deep For The Intro,” this playlist gives you a taste of some of Cole’s most fiery moments, including some of my personal favorite features, freestyles, and mixtape tracks. Listen to it now available on SoundCloud and look at the list below:

  1. The Cure – J. Cole
  2. Just To Get By – J. Cole
  3. I Get Up – J. Cole
  4. Knock On Wood – J. Cole
  5. Only Wanna Give It To You (feat. J. Cole) – Elle Varner
  6. Back to the Topic Freestyle – J. Cole
  7. High For Hours – J. Cole
  8. How High – J. Cole
  9. Everybody Dies – J. Cole
  10. Cole Summer – J. Cole
  11. False Prophets (Be Like This) – J. Cole
  12. Folgers Crystals – J. Cole
  13. Head Bussa – J. Cole
  14. 2Face – J. Cole
  15. I Really Mean It Freestyle – J. Cole
  16. Grown Simba – J. Cole
  17. Beautiful Bliss (feat. Melanie Fiona & J. Cole) – Wale
  18. Rags to Riches (At the Beep) – J. Cole
  19. A Star Is Born (feat. J. Cole) – Jay-Z * [not available on SoundCloud]
  20. Looking For Trouble (feat. Pusha T, Cyhi Da Prynce, Big Sean, & J.Cole) – Kanye West

If you’re still awake, tell me what if you thought of this playlist in a comment. If not, sweet dreams courtesy of Dreamville!


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