Summer Sauce: 6 Songs On My Summer Soundtrack

Summer; a pivotal time in the year that’s beautiful, blissful, and event-filled, especially here in New York. This is the season for wearing less and going out more, with hip-hop music setting the score as the soundtrack to my summer. Last year, Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” had me making money moves and DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller got my shoulders moving on my way to make bad decisions. You know, those summer nights can get really hot sometimes. OKAY?!

The first day of Summer ’18 is sneaking up on us on June 21st, so I’m looking at these songs to set the mood for my summer. Check them out below!

Counting Up

Rico Nasty


Hailing from the DMV, rapstress Rico Nasty found a new home recently signed to Atlantic Records. In her newest project fresh off her new deal, Rico released “Nasty,” last Friday and blessed us with the banger, “Countin Up” just in time for summer. In this song, Rico shows that she’s all about her shmoney. Countin Up gives us raspy raps that reflect Rico’s raw and relentless attitude that I love so much and that I’m ready to have for myself this season stacking my bread. Hearing Countin Up this summer will remind me I’m too busy counting commas to count the fucks I have to give, which is none.

The Light

Ty Dolla $ign & Jeremih

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Longer days in the summer mean longer nights for me as well. And just like Ty Dolla $ign & Jeremih sampling the classic Mary Jane Girls song in their new single “The Light,” I plan on going “All Night Long” too. 😉 “The Light” sets the tone for summer loving my way with Dolla $ign’s smooth vocals and Jeremih’s sexy sound. At times I’m feeling playful, I’ll be sure to put this in rotation.

Icy Grl [Bae Remix]

Saweetie featuring Kehlani


In their Cali girl collab, Kehlani and Saweetie link up for the remix to ICY GRL. These ladies came together to make an anthem all about being pretty, paid, and prayed up. That’s a mood I want all summer, and for many other seasons to come as well.  The original “ICY GRL” was Saweetie’s sexy, self-empowerment song sampling Khia’s “My Neck, My Back,”and brings back that same energy on the Bae Remix. Saweetie lets it known how much of a queen she is as she claims her crown in her verse:

“My prayers went up and my blessings came down
Thankin’ God every day that your girl above ground
And that’s how a hot girl do it
Keep her head up, even when she going through it
My crown might slip, but it never ever falls
If my niggas ever need me, they know I am who to call”

The Hook Up

Smoke DZA featuring Dom Kennedy & Cozz7ef1e7c1bceebad041a57065221b25ee.1000x1000x1

Harlem’s own Smoke DZA goes coast to coast collabing with the westside for “The Hook Up” featuring Dom Kennedy and Cozz. Their free flowing track together feels just as effortless as the 3 of them floating on it, something like a summer breeze. I often associate Dom Kennedy’s music to warm weather from “When I Come Around” to “Watermelon Sundae,” and can usually count on Dom to bring me that sunny So-Cal feel. Here, in addition to Smoke DZA and Cozz, I get a sensation that’s cool and comfortable to keep me calm in these NY streets when it’s too hot and hectic.


The Carters (Beyonce & Jay-Z)


The takeover. The break’s over, niggas. The Carters came through and crushed the building with their joint album, “EVERYTHING IS LOVE,” to conquer the summertime. In a song dedicated to the dope people in their lives, Hov and Bey share how their friends hold it down for them through thick and thin, and it’s HOT! 🔥🔥🔥 This is perfect for going out with my girls during those summer nights. I’m imagining riding out to it in my whip to remind us how strong our bond is and how deep our friendship goes. Especially after those heartfelt moments when they get drunk and emotional screaming, “BIIIIITCH I LOVE YOU.” Hearing that feels like all the love harbored in a huge Swag Surf moment.

I can picture the lines from this song pairing perfect for our group photos on Instagram:

  • “Your friends are foes, my friends are goals
  • “No foes, real friends, we ain’t even got to pretend👯‍♀️
  • “Get bands, get bands, spend it all on my friends 😜💵💰👭
  • “Your friends are frauds, all they want is applause, and my friends, real friends, closer than kin 💕

Tap Out

Jay Rock featuring Jeremih


TDE’s Jay Rock teams up with Jeremih in “Tap Out” off his new album, “Redemption.” This song had my Jeep jumping when I first heard it. I’m finna be bouncing on the highway switching 4 lanes, screaming through the sunroof, “MONEY AIN’T A THANG” with this one. “Tap Out” is for those fun nights out that turn into mornings, feel me? You know, the ones that will have my back blown out much like my speakers were after hearing the song.

What songs set the tone for your summer. Share one with me!

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