Are you familiar with the “You Up?” text? If not, let me try to explain:

I’m sure everyone out there understands what it feels like to get a craving in the middle of the night for a late-night snack, right? Well before anything, you check to see if the kitchen is, umm.. “open.” I mean..come on, you can’t just pull up expecting food and it’s not ready or available.

The “You Up” text is what you send for that special someone you’re craving; a polite poke to see if your meal of choice is prepared or not.

With this playlist in mind, I created a sound selection that would fit that particular scenario. I’m telling the story of all the possible thoughts and feelings that go down during a time like this through song. Here you’ll hear these moods in cuts from Trey Songz, Rihanna, Jeremih and more. I know I said I wasn’t R&B smooth in “Rap ‘N Sex,” but I thought I’d slow it down to set the tone for something special.

“You Up?” is perfect for those who are in the mood for a drive-thru, or prefer to enjoy their meal sitting down, or laying down. Whatever, I’m sure you catch my drift. There’s a few new R&B faces featured on this with a couple throwbacks in too.

Look at the list and listen now on Tidal and Spotify!



1. Wednesday Night Interlude (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR) – Drake
2. After Dark (feat. Static Major & Ty Dolla $ign) – Drake
3. Panty Droppa – Trey Songz
4. So Anxious – Ginuwine
5. No Bullshit – Chris Brown
6. Backseat (feat. Cozz) – Ari Lennox
7. Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me) – Donnell Jones
8. Hope You Do – Chris Brown
9. Rendezvous – PARTYNEXTDOOR
10. Don’t Play – Trey Songz
11. Quickie – Miguel
12. Impatient (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – Jeremih
13. U Already Know – 112
14. IV Play – The-Dream
15. Yeah I Said It – Rihanna

What are some songs that come to mind when you’re in the “You Up?” mood. Send me one in a suggestion in the comments.




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