Top 5 Tips For The Trendy Traveler

Traveling has so many elements that can be exhilarating, but it’s packing and preparing for it that tend to be the exhausting part, especially for the average fashionista. It should be more like “This shit finna be a breeze” instead of it being the ABSOLUTE blow. But while on my last vacation, I formulated a few tips that are perfect for women who are fashion-forward.  For all of my trendsetters who are also jetsetters, check out 5 of my favorite tips to take with you on your travels.


Get Your Roll On!

Make sure you roll your clothes when you pack. Rolling your items saves space, saves you from wrinkles, and will save you time. This tip is essential for all my ladies who are always fashionably late and too behind on time to pick up an iron.

Stay Laced

Bring things with lace along with you on your vacation, especially if you’re going somewhere sunny and sexy! You can count on a look with lace to leave you wrinkle-free and super cute.

Check out my lace corset while in Miami.


This outfit was just easy as the breeze down  South Beach. You can check out the details on my Instagram page, @ManiCashHoes


Less Is More

I’m a girl who loves options, and if you’re anything like me, you get the urge to overpack.  But try not to overwhelm yourself with luggage that’s overweight. Remember the wise words of our beloved songstress, Erykah Badu, “Pack light!” Don’t be a bag lady. That fee to check your bags can go towards a new outfit instead, okay?!

Change Clothes

Packing items that are interchangeable are in your best interest for traveling. Instead of taking a different shoe, bag or accessory for every day of your stay, take things that will be more versatile throughout your vacation. Stick to a similar color palette on your trip.

I wore mostly white in Miami Beach recently:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Be sure to bring accessories that can go with any and everything as well!

I brought along a Small Chanel Flap Bag that was pretty, pink, and paired well with other different outfits.


This bag was not only fashion forward, but completely functional as I was able to use it was a cross body and a clutch! So necessary, Ma. *Jay-Z voice* 


Air Athleisure

While some might find it suitable to wear an outfit that goes above and beyond at the airport, keep it cute and comfy when flying. Traveling in athleisure saves you the trouble of worrying about wrinkles and stains and will keep you comfortable moving through terminals and sitting hours sailing in the skies.

I stayed fly on my flight in my Helmut Lang jean jacket, Supply & Demand bodysuit and leggings, FENTY Puma Bow Slides in Marshmallow, and my handy-dandy Herschel backpack.


Care to share any of your trips while traveling? Say something supa dupa fly in a comment for me.


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