Blame Game


Fresh off of a 3 game losing streak, the New York Giants are reportedly more frustrated than ever sitting at a 1-5 record. Week after week football fans point the finger at something or someone different in the franchise.

In Week 5 after facing a devastating defeat at the Bank of America Stadium, the referees were put on blast due to questionable calls made officiating the game. Recently during Week 6, the Giants faced a division rival and lost an embarrassing game against the Eagles with the scrutiny set on veteran quarterback Eli Manning this time around.

Looking at the grand scheme of these things, who takes the overall blame for the reason this team is tanking? And what could it mean for the future of Giants football?

Front office and head coach

After their previously poor season, the New York Giants decided to clean house by firing head coach, Ben McAdoo, and general manager, Jerry Reese in 2017.  The team looked for a brighter future bringing in Pat Shurmur as coach and GM Dave Gettleman, but have yet to see results or a shimmer of hope. Between Shurmur’s struggling offense and Gettleman’s unimpressive talent acquisition, most fans would rather hold their breath than hold on to hopes of rebuilding.



The Giants DOMINATED with their defense in 2016 making that $200 million spent worth while. In turn, they came up short in 2017 after several injuries throughout the season with losing out on Justin Pugh, B.J. Goodson, and Janoris Jenkins just to name a few. Now into the 2018-2019 season ,the defense still lacks even with key players returning to the turf, such as Oliver Vernon. While playing solid on a lot of efforts, the defense appears inconsistent and often shuts down after the first quarter.

Offensive Line

How does one describe the offensive line? Disappointing, to say the least. Last season the O-line was absolutely abysmal, and still is. This season they revamped with 5 new starters but are still looking sloppy. One of their biggest problems was found in right tackle Ereck Flowers. Fans cheered and rejoiced after news of Flowers being benched and later cut mid-season to play for the Jaguars was released. At one point Flowers was the butt of all of the Giants jokes, but the line still struggled in the last 2 games without him.

Odell Beckham Jr.


Odell Beckham Jr. has high expectations on him as the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL. However, his first touchdown catch wasn’t until Week 5 against the Panthers and has grappled with gaining more than 100 yards in at least 3 games so far. While fans could argue his expectations are what’s setting the bar so high for him, it might be because the passes being thrown to him are what is actually over his head.

Eli Manning


Coach Shurmur referred to quarterback Eli Manning as the “healthiest” 37 year old vet he’s ever seen, but his performance hardly reflects it. The 2 time Super Bowl champion is now playing like he’s past his prime. Both spectators and players are frustrated with the seasoned starter. Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr has been candid about it in recent interviews. The Giants defense shows how tired they are of trying to clean up his mess drive after drive.

The list goes on of Eli’s mistakes from the short passes, playing limited offense, restricted mobility, especially under pressure, and lastly his inability to convert on third-down. Most of the time, the Giants do not score unless the ball is in the hands of rookie runningback Saquon Barkley.

Although acquiring the Number 2 draft pick this year was the answer for a long suffering running game, the Giants have their focus on another high draft selection at the rate they’re going. Could a new quarterback contribute to winning season in 2019? Fans seem to point in a direction that’s more promising with a younger QB.

What do you think is the reason for the current state of the New York Giants? Name the blame in a comment.


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