Welcome to AstroWorld

Step right up to Travis Scott’s AstroWorld; an adrenaline filled euphoric experience full of twists, turns, and Texas influence all into one album.


Travis Scott took inspiration from a former Houston theme park and turned it into the ride of my life since dropping last summer. Every song was perfectly pieced together to put me right into an amusement park atmosphere. He created a canrival-like setting that was so captivating, I connected certain songs to specific rides. 

Look at LaFlame’s album through my eyes, as I linked each song in AstroWorld to familiar fair and amusement park attractions.  Come one, come all as I explain the trip each track took me on. Play along and stream the songs to get sent off with me.

Stargazing – Super Shot Drop Tower


Brace yourself for the ultimate thrill as Travis takes off at a rapid rate for the intro track, “Stargazing.” “We propellin’, up top with Ellen” as I instantly felt shot up into space, much like the drop tower ride commonly known as the “Super Shot.” Travis starts off the song painting a psychedelic picture as he’s seeing stars after popping pills and pouring up Promethazine. With the Super Shot being a ride that launches out into the sky, I saw myself on a Houston rocket blasting off with Travis throughout the song. The beat switch up had a lot to do with this feeling especially as it sped up in the second part of the song.

Carousel – Grand Carousel


Around and around we go on “Carousel” with Frank Ocean and Big Tuck along for the ride. With the song already being named “Carousel,” the ride it reminded me of was almost a no-brainer. In this illustrious Hit-Boy production, he used samples to make a background sound that’s similar to someone shouting as if they were on a joyride. Furthermore, Frank Ocean’s inflecting vocals throughout his portions of the song was similar to the up and down motion of the classic carousel ride. It was also the lyrics describing a drug-influenced state that would put me in a space where I felt like I would be spinning.

Sicko Mode – Music Express


Growing up as a kid and going to amusement parks, you heard all the summer smashes on the “Music Express” ride. With Sicko Mode being one of the hottest songs this summer, I’m sure it would be played on this. Much like the song, the Music Express is fast-paced and fun. The beat switches up 3 times on the track and reminded me of how the ride goes from moving forward to backward when a new song comes on.

R.I.P. Screw & Stop Trying to be God – Ferris Wheel


Before getting too tired out, we take it easy on “R.I.P. Screw” and “Stop Trying to be God.” It was only right to compare these 2 relaxed tracks to a “Ferris Wheel.” With Travis being a Texas native, he knows the right way to take it slow and still take us to higher heights, similar to the ride. Houston legend, DJ Screw, gave birth to a sound hip-hop listeners call “chopped and screwed,” and is often enjoyed best when you’re at your leisure or on the lean. Travis Scott pays homage to the infamous influence in “R.I.P. Screw” as he’s Houston’s very own. To follow up with the flow, he carries it over in “Stop Trying to be God” with Kid Cudi and James Blake.

No Bystanders – Bumper Cars


If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to control yourself when hearing “No Bystanders,” especially hearing FUCK THE CLUB UP repeated in a rage on the refrain. It’s equivalent to a mosh pit in music form, which is why I found it to match up with “Bumper Cars” entirely. Within every second of this song I feel the sudden urge to bounce all over the place and act reckless. Thankfully no one gets hurt in the process.

Skeletons – Log Flume


In “Skeletons,” Travis feels as though he’s “standing in the ocean,” probably after being hit with a wave of psychedelic drugs. He describes this experience as feeling like he’s floating and in slow motion. This took me to the what it feels like on the “Log Flume.” This particular ride is on a track full of water as passengers feel like they’re being carried away by a current. As the song begins to build before the first verse, it’s like the ride is climbing up the hill. And then as beat gets even bigger into the bridge, you’re about to drop!

Wake Up – Tunnel of Love


A romance-themed track such as “Wake Up” was fit for a slower paced romance-themed ride some places refer to as the “Tunnel of Love.” On the track, Travis talks about how swimming in his significant others’ waters puts him in a dream-like state. The Tunnel of Love is a calm water ride that puts passengers on a fantasy ride of their own. Could the Tunnel of Love actually be a double entendre to what Travis is describing?

5% Tint – House of Mirrors


Playing on the idea of paranoia is “5% Tint” as Travis Scott expresses “I think it’s someone out there watching me.” An attraction that also plays with feeling like there’s unexpected eyes on you is the “House of Mirrors.” Every inch of the illusion-filled infrastructure contains reflections of your image that make you feel like someone is sneaking up on you. The production by FKi 1st helped give the song a dark, devious vibe as well.

NC-17 – Haunted House


NC-17 is a rating given when the material is not suited for children under 17. Given the explicit subject matter in LaFlame’s song with 21 Savage, “NC-17” was named perfectly. Much like the song, the need for age appropriateness reminded me of a “Haunted House.” Additionally, the track gave a sinister like vibe with deep,echoing voices throughout the song. The song wasn’t necessarily scary, but has a suspenseful enough sound to keep the hair on the back of your neck standing up. The piano chords and chimes were chilling too!

AstroThunder – Kiddie Coaster


“AstroThunder” is sadly the shortest song on the album, and I wish it wasn’t. I deserved to hear more! This longing feeling was similar to being on a “Kiddie Coaster,” a ride that’s not nearly as thrill seeking for the average adventurous person at amusement parks. I want more from AstroThunder much like I would want more if I rode a kiddie coaster. In addition to leaving his listeners, like me, lusting, Travis’ lyrics in the song are about him searching for more as well as he says, “feels like the life I need’s a little distant.”

Yosemite – Tilt A Whirl


The combination of Gunna’s vocals and the guitar on “Yosemeite” is so soothing I feel as if I’m having an out of body experience. This sensation is similar to what one would feel on the “Tilt A Whirl.” This ride goes up AND out, spinning from the ground to all the way around. With every line I feel like I’m levitating, or lifting..like I lose all sense of gravity.

Can’t Say – Scrambler


“Can’t Say” is what a wild ass ride feels like to me, it had such high energy. I thought the “Scrambler” ride best suited the song as I felt like I needed to strap up tight when this song came on. When seated in the Scrambler small carriages are in clusters together spinning in one direction, while the whole ride spins in a totally other direction. It gives an illusion of a close collisions as you go in circles. Imagine all of this going on while being suspended in mid air. WHOA. “You gotta watch out where you rocking, shit get real.”

Who?! What?! – Gravitron Starship 2000


Keeping up with the amped up attitude is the next song, “Who?! What?!” featuring Quavo and Takeoff from Migos. “Who?! What?!” gives me such a rush that leaves my heart racing which is something like being on the Graviton ride, also referred to as “Starship 2000. You spin around on it so much and so fast you’ll be wondering what’s going on and asking “Who? What? When? and Why?” just like the hook!

Butterfly Effect – Kamikaze Pendulum Ride


Feeling stuck? This one will keep you up. We get turnt upside down on Travis’ tripped out track “Butterfly Effect.” Here, the term “Butterfly Effect” has a double meaning used for describing the direction his Lamborghini doors go and it’s original defnition; in which small causes having large effects. Between the song title and the topsy-turvy like feeling the Murda Beats production gave me, I couldn’t think of a better ride to compare it to than the “Kamikaze” Pendulum Ride. A small force swinging in a pendulum motion, drives the ride way up as it goes into the sky and back down again. The ride resembles something with wings as well as the cars are thrown in the air over and over again at opposite ends.

Houstonfornication – Roller Coaster


Travis takes us through his highs and lows as we ride with him on “Houstonfornication,” somewhat like a giant “Roller Coaster.” Life is moving too fast for LaFlame and he wants off of this ride. His initial hometown upbringing is interfering with his new found fame in LA. He feels it’s too difficult to adjust. Travis felt like he was on a fast track and so did I as he accelerated his flow on this one.

Coffee Bean – Swings


The last song on the album cools us down with the calming cut, “Coffee Bean.” Travis reflects on his life as “Coffee Bean” feels easy and breezy as being on carnival “Swings.” The swings are usually a ride you take to catch a breather. You get a great view and observe everything around you. Travis mirrors the same behavior in this track as he talks about his tumultuous relationship. He reviews his situation as the world keeps revolving around him. The track fades out in a way that’s like coming down from all the hype we’ve had.  After all that was experienced throughout the album, it’s time to close it out.


Did you enjoy the ride? Did Travis Scott take you on a trip of your own? Tell me in comment below.


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