PLAYLIST – Blue (and more..)

Chris Brown paints a vivid picture in living color for his ninth solo studio album, “Indigo.”


Nearly 2 years since his last project. Breezy decided to make up for lost time by lacing his latest LP with 32 songs.  While this might be a lengthy listen for an average music fan, Team Breezy has grown accustomed to his ambitious album releases. His last album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, was just as extensive as it was expressive. Chris Brown used 45-tracks to explain his various emotions all while expanding his music range. Since it’s Halloween debut, the double disc album reached double platinum status resulting in Chris doubling down with the same formula for “Indigo.”

Much like Chris Brown, I decided to repeat the same recipe for his fully loaded albums. After hearing many music fans felt overwhelmed playing Heartbreak on a Full Moon straight through, I created a series of playlists suited for certain moods Chris set on the project.

In Indigo, I heard Chris Brown in technicolor throughout tracks, as he referenced several shades while showing his different sides, specifically Blue, Red, and Green, and broke them down into separate playlists. He initially illustrates these colors and more in the title track “Indigo.”

GREEN, rolled up in leaves
YELLOW mood ring
PURPLE light like a beam
I dream in INDIGO

With blue and red mixing together to make the color indigo, I associated blue with his loving, affectionate side, red to display feelings similar to anger and resentment, and green to show his in-between stages. He makes direct correlation to these colors in certain tracks:

  • On Emerald/Burgundy, he states, “I’ve been green” as he’s lost in partying, spending money, and not treating the one he loves right.
  • In “Red,” he speaks how he’ll be enraged at the thought of his lover leaving.

Hear these hues and more in the pigmented playlists below, available on Spotify and Tidal:


Get Back to Love as Breezy give us his tender side in these tracks. He even gets sexy with a few tracks made to set the mood.




Up in the air about love and overall Undecided, Chris Brown uses these songs to display a sound that caters to partying away his puzzled feelings.




Love doesn’t seem to be Part of the Plan as Chris strays further away from it and puts his focus on self-reflection.



What did you infer from Chris Brown’s Indigo? Did you dream in color like me? Initiate a conversation with me in a comment.





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