A Gift From A Virgo

Okay ladies, now let’s get in FOUR-mation! Today, the Bey Hive is buzzing in celebration of the 4th anniversary for the Queen’s sixth studio album, “Lemonade.” But I decided to take a step away from the typical approach to commemorate the occasion and serve up a tall glass of content that’s just as cool and refreshing.

Read how each of Beyonce’s songs in the album align with the stars as I compare them to zodiac signs below!

Pray You Catch Me – PISCES

The Pisces mind is a wonderful one, as the water sign’s wild imagination often drifts them out into places that are dreamy and creative. Their thoughts are typically flooded with feelings and hidden emotions that carry out into a strong current of an intuition that’s powerful. Here, Beyonce points out the personality of a Pisces as she plants the seed of suspicion in her song, Pray You Catch Me.

“Nothing else ever seems to hurt like the smile on your face
When it’s only in my memory, it don’t hit me quite the same
Baby it’s a cause for concern, but I’m not as ease”


Traditional Sag traits include being outspoken and boastful. To know a Sag means to know they have no problem rubbing in your face that they’re superior. With Hold Up, Beyonce sings about all the attributes that make her a super lover confidently in classic Sagittarius form.

The typical Sag HATES the idea of being clingy and feels free to go alone if need be as Beyonce states on the refrain.

“What worse? Looking jealous or crazy?
Jealous and crazy.
Or like being walked all over lately. Walked over lately?
I’d rather be crazy. “

Don’t Hurt Yourself – LEO

“I am the dragon breathing fire. Beautiful mane, I’m the lion”

Bey’s “you-got-me-fucked-up” anthem, Don’t Hurt Yourself, is one that screams LEO, literally. She’s all fired up, delivering her diss in way that mirrors Leo’s ferocious nature all by conveying a sense of self that’s LOUD, brash, prideful, and most of all, egocentric.

“Bad motherfucker, God complex
Motivate your ass, call me Malcolm X
Your operator, or innovator
Fuck you hater, you can’t recreate her, no.”

Sorry  – SCORPIO

Have you ever pissed a Scorpio off? When you do, you’ll be sure to know. This sign is an extremely passionate one, whose passion can be fuel to kick them into overdrive for the worst when pushed to their limits. They can be intense, serious, and unapologetically cruel when angry.

Shouting out “I don’t give a fuck” and “suck on my balls” in Sorry doesn’t get anymore like a Scorpio than that!

“Now you wanna say you’re sorry?
Now you wanna call me crying?
Now you wanna see me wilding?
Now I’m the one that’s lying.
And I don”t feel bad about it
That’s exactly what you get, you’re interrupting my grinding”

6 Inch – ARIES

Aries don’t let ANYTHING get in between them and their green. An Aries is usually as focused, driven and career-oriented as Beyonce sings about on 6 Inch, accompanied by The-Weeknd. This power anthem paints the picture of an Aries effortlessly. A song that signifies the importance of independence and being assertive speaks to them whole-heartedly!

“Stars in her eyes
She fights for the power, keeping time
She grinds day and night
She grinds from Monday to Friday
Work from Friday to Sunday”

Daddy Lessons – TAURUS

When it comes to the Taurus, if you mess with the bull, you get the horns. Beyonce shows just that as she sings how she was taught to be tough in Daddy Lessons. Tauruses come off aggressive and so does this song as Bey is lowkey.. kinda threatening, to say the least. I wouldn’t want the smoke with her or any Taurus when provoked, especially after she said,

“My Daddy said shoot.”

Love Drought – LIBRA

Beyonce’s Love Drought shines a light on Libra tendencies as she tries to move out of the dark in the depths of her feelings. Libra’s moodiness allows their inner emotions to get the best of them. They’re in their head analyzing things trying to weigh out the perfect situation to bring them balance. Much like Libras, she’s indecisive and constantly questioning in efforts to solve her problems in her romantic life.

“9 times outta 10 I’m in my feelings,
10 times outta 9 I’m only human
Tell me what did I do wrong?”

Sandcastles – GEMINI

Bey juggles two sides that speaks true to Geminis in Sandcastles. Although a gentle ballad backed by simple piano, the lyrics paint a looming picture of the aftermath of physical chaos. Talk about crazy! I mean, Gemini…well they’re usually the same thing. 😅

“Dishes mashed on the counter from our last encounter
Pictures snatched out the frame
Bitch I scratched out your name and your face”


Capricorns are the goats of the zodiac. They’re So Ambitious and do any and everything to climb up On To The Next One. (Just cause this is a post all about Bey doesn’t mean I’ll hesitate to bring up Hov 😉) In Forward, a song that’s just as short as it is sweet, Beyonce and James Blake speak on just what Capricorns do best, move on. They are rational and responsible decision makers as Beyonce creates the notion to move onward and upwards with her marriage.

Best foot first just in case
When we made our way til now
It’s time to listen, it’s time to fight forward”

Freedom – AQUARIUS

An Aquarius thrives on being alone as they truly enjoy their solitude. They’re comfortable going against the grain, as they’re rebels, but with a cause. They have a need to take on the world, even if they have to do it by themselves. Similar to an Aquarius, Beyonce shouts out her self-reliance loud and proud victoriously in Freedom.

“Freedom! Freedom! I can’t move
Freedom, cut me loose!
Freedom! Freedom! Where are you?!
Cause I need freedom, too!
I break chains all by myself, won’t let my freedom rot in hell”

All Night – CANCER

Singing of making “sweet love all night long” is spoken so much like a Cancer. Cancers are sensitive, nurturing, and selfless by nature. Beyonce’s lyrics on All Night are caring and affectionate as she serenades softly saying, ” I’ll trade your broken wings for mine, I’ve seen your scars and kissed your crime” along with “If you get deep, you touch my mind, baptize your tears and dry your eyes.”

“Nothing real can be threatened
True love breathes salvation back into me”

Formation – VIRGO

POP QUIZ! Which of the following lyrics from Formation illustrate the ways of a Virgo?

A.“Okay ladies now let’s get in formation (cause I slay)
Prove to me you have some coordination”

B. “I see it, I want it, I stunt; yellow bone-it
I dream it, I work hard, I grind ’til I own it”

C. “Sometimes I go off, I go hard
Take what’s mine, I’m a star”

The answer is in D as in for “DUH! ALL OF THE ABOVE!”

Virgos are known to have notable organization and prioritization skills utilizing them in every ambitious way imaginable. This zodiac is super-determined about their goals once they’re fixated on them.

Did I slay all day with these comparisons? Comment with your astrological sign and favorite below if so!

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